ANI Photo | “Not single piece of paper brought to LG’s notice”: Delhi LG writes to CM Kejriwal on AAP’s water scheme

Delhi Lieutenant Governor (LG) VK Saxena has written to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and said that ‘not a single piece of paper has been brought to his notice, officially or unofficially’ concerning the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government’s ‘Water Scheme’.
In a 7-page letter, LG Saxena said, “Water, Finance, and Urban Development–all departments concerned with this scheme are fully and totally under CM’s control. LG has no role whatsoever. Not a single piece of paper was brought to LG’s notice, officially or unofficially in this regard.”
“I am writing to convey my grave objection to the supposed “Unanimous Resolution” adopted by the Delhi Legislative Assembly on February 19, 2023, as conveyed to my Secretariat by the Secretary of the Legislative Assembly Secretariat. The penultimate paragraph mentions that ‘the BJP exercises direct control over the LG. This is a completely unacceptable and irresponsible assertion, which does not behove the members who endorsed it,” said the letter by the LG.
“The said statement not only breaches all propriety and constitutional provisions but is also an affront to the constitutional office of the Lt Governor for petty political games. In a sense, it is a classic case of ‘passing the buck’ for one’s efficiency on others. I advise you to convey the same to the Speaker of the Assembly and the same should be expunged from the proceedings of the House,” it said.
“Additionally, over the past couple of days, I have watched a false and misleading narrative being peddled in the media by you and your ministers, accusing me of stalling a ‘water scheme’, which does not exist on paper. Your statements are white lies, again an example of the ‘typical abuse and scoot game’, which you seem to have mastered and made a career out of. While you and your government have done nothing substantive for the development of Delhi and its residents in all spheres, you have blamed all and sundry–secondary governments at the centre since 2013, successive Lt governors, the Congress party, the BJP and even the government servants–in a bid to maintain the charade that you have created through repeated lies perpetuated by an incessant publicity campaign,” added the letter.
“It is made clear that I want to put it on record that the subject matter of the resolution and the so-called ‘scheme’, that concerns the Delhi Jal Board (Water), the Urban Development Department, and the Finance Department, are transferred subjects, fully and totally under your control and the respective ministers, as per the constitutional and statutory scheme of things, reiterated time and again by the courts,” it read.
“The said scheme, which is purportedly being stopped by me, has never ever been brought to me, even on a single piece of paper,” added the letter.
On Wednesday, Delhi LG Saxena refused any claim that he or his office had received any papers with regard to the ‘Water Scheme’.
Meanwhile, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal also responded to LG VK Saxena in reply to his letter on the water bill related to the one-time settlement scheme.
The Delhi Chief Minister, in his letter, said that he was “deeply pained” by the language of the LG’s letter to him and that he hoped that whatever the differences, political backgrounds, or diverse perspectives, both the constitutional functionaries could be able to maintain a cordial and constructive working relationship.
Kejriwal said, “Whatever our differences, political backgrounds, or however diverse our perspectives; this kind of offensive language is not acceptable from one constitutional functionary to another.”
Kejriwal, in his ‘open letter’ to LG Saxena, hoped they would be “able to maintain a cordial and constructive working relationship” in the interest of Delhi’s people.
“I have myself discussed this matter with you more than once and brought it to your notice that the officers of the Delhi Jal Board, the Urban Development Department, and the Finance Department are creating a constitutional crisis by not bringing the proposal to the Council of Ministers, despite the directions of the minister in charge,” he said.
He claimed that LG exercised all powers over officers.
“As a consequence, the officers respond to your directions, whether given orally or in writing. This is the reason why I have brought multiple issues to your notice, where matters of public interest are being held up by officers, including this issue of water bills,” said Kejriwal.
The Delhi chief minister requested that the LG take “exemplary action” against at least one officer so that it sends a message to the administrative machinery to fall in line

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