ANI Photo | “Reason behind parting ways is ideological differences”: SP Maurya after quitting Samajwadi Party

Swami Prasad Maurya, the former Samajwadi Party leader who resigned from the party’s primary membership and Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council on Tuesday, said that the reason behind parting ways with Akhilesh Yadav is ‘ideological differences’ between both leaders.
Speaking to ANI, SP Maurya hit out at the SP Chief, alleging that Yadav is going against socialist ideology.
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“I believe in clean politics…The reason behind parting ways is ideological differences. I have had ideological differences with Akhilesh Yadav and Samajwadi Party (SP)…I saw Akhilesh Yadav, he is going against socialist ideology,” he said.
Taking a swipe at Akhilesh Yadav, Maurya also said that it is “unfortunate” that the SP chief who is carrying forward the legacy of the party patriarch, the late Mulayam Singh Yadav.
“I have the experience of working with Mulayam Singh Yadav as well. He was a staunch socialist leader. Those who are carrying forward his legacy are not able to follow his ideology. It is unfortunate…,” Maurya added.
Maurya, in his resignation letters, one addressed to the Chairman of the State Legislative Council and another to the Samajwadi Party chief, Akhilesh Yadav, said that he has resigned from the membership of the Legislative Council on moral grounds.
“I have been elected as a member of the Legislative Council, Uttar Pradesh from the Assembly, Uttar Pradesh constituency, as a candidate of the Samajwadi Party. Since I have resigned from the primary membership of the Samajwadi Party, hence on the basis of morality, I am also resigning from the membership of the Legislative Council, Uttar Pradesh. Please kindly accept,” he said in a letter to the Chairman of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council.
In his letter to Akhilesh Yadav, Swami Prasad Maurya said, “Got the opportunity to work in a cordial environment under your leadership. But as a result of not taking the initiative of any kind of talks on the talks held on February 12, 2024, and the letter sent on February 13, 2024, I am also resigning from the primary membership of the Samajwadi Party.” Both letters were shared by Maurya on his X account.
This came after Swami Prasad Maurya stepped down as national general secretary of the Samajwadi Party on February 13. Swami Prasad Maurya, in his resignation letter to SP chief Akhilesh Yadav, said that he would keep working to fortify the party even in the absence of a position.
The rift between Akhilesh Yadav and Swami Prasad Maurya widened when the Samajwadi Party Chief said that he (Swami Prasad Maurya) had come to SP for benefits.
“Everyone comes to take benefits, but who stays on the spot? Who will tell what is on someone’s mind? Not only this, Akhilesh Yadav said that there is no such machine that can know what is going on in someone’s mind. Everyone leaves after taking the benefits.” SP chief Akhilesh Yadav said.
Hitting out at Samajwadi Party Chief Akhilesh Yadav’s “benefit” remark, Swami Prasad Maurya on Monday said, “He is not in power in the state or the centre. He is not in a condition to give anything. And I will return everything he has given to me till now. Ideology is important to me, not the position. The rights and welfare of all sections are my priority, whenever that would be attacked I would raise my voice.”Samajwadi Party national general secretary Swami Prasad Maurya, joined the Akhilesh Yadav-led SP in January 2022, leaving the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ahead of that year’s assembly elections, held between February and March has been repeatedly making headlines for his provocative comments on sensitive issues including Ramcharitmanas to Sanatan Dharma and Hindu religion.
Maurya had kicked up a controversy when he cited text from Ramcharitmanas to describe it as derogatory to women, Dalits and tribals. His comments on Sanatan Dharma had also kicked up a row

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