ANI Photo | Sacred relics of Lord Buddha, 2 disciples arrive in Thailand from India

On a momentous occasion steeped in religious significance, the sacred relics attributed to Lord Buddha and his revered disciples, Arahata Sariputta and Arahata Maha Moggallana, have arrived in Thailand for public exposition.
In an official post on X, “Sacred relics of Lord Buddha & his disciples Arahata Sariputta and Arahata Maha Moggallana arrive in Thailand for exposition.”
The holy relics were preserved in India and for the first time, the relics of Lord Buddha and his disciples will be showcased together. The arrival of these relics heralds a period of spiritual reflection and devotion for Buddhist practitioners across Thailand.
The exposition of these relics provides devotees and the general public with a rare opportunity to pay homage, offer prayers, and deepen their spiritual connection to the foundational figures of Buddhism.
In this sacred journey, Bihar’s Governor, Rajendra Arlekar, and Union Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment, Dr Virendra Kumar, have also accompanied him to Thailand.
In an official post on X, India in Thailand stated, “A high-level delegation led by Governor of Bihar, Rajendra Arlekar and Union Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment Dr Virendra Kumar accompanies the relics to Thailand. A solemn prayer ceremony is held on arrival by senior monks from India and Thailand.
The ceremony accompanying the arrival of the relics was marked by solemnity and reverence, as devotees and dignitaries alike gathered to witness this sacred event. Monks from Thailand and India led prayers and rituals, further underscoring the spiritual bond shared between the two nations.
This event highlights the deep-rooted ties between India and Thailand, as well as the mutual respect and cooperation shared in matters of culture and religion. The delegation’s presence signifies its commitment to fostering cultural exchanges and strengthening diplomatic relations between the two nations.
The journey represents a symbolic bridge between India, the birthplace of Buddhism, and Thailand, a country deeply steeped in Buddhist traditions and heritage.
Indian Ambassador to Thailand Nagesh Singh said, “This is a landmark event for Indo-Thai relations… Thailand is referred to as a civilizational neighbour, given the connection we have of Buddhism, Hinduism, and language, which is derived from Pali and Sanskrit, and Lord Buddha. More than 90% of the population in Thailand is Buddhist. These relics, especially those of Lord Buddha, are the living embodiment of the Lord. It’s a very big event, and it also coincides with the 72nd birth year of the king, Rama 10th.”
In Bangkok, the relics will be enshrined and prominently displayed for public veneration, offering devotees a rare opportunity to pay homage and seek blessings.
The exposition of these relics serves as a spiritual beacon, drawing pilgrims and seekers from far and wide to partake in this sacred experience.
The convergence of the Holy Buddha Relic and the relics of Arhant Sariputta and Arhant Mahamogallana epitomises the timeless bond between the teacher and his foremost disciples.
Beyond religious symbolism, the exposition of these sacred relics embodies the universal values of compassion, wisdom, and inner peace, resonating with seekers of truth across the globe.

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