ANI Photo | Tamil Nadu CM Stalin moves resolutions against ‘One Nation One Election’, Delimitation

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin on Wednesday moved two resolutions in the Tamil Nadu assembly, one that spoke against the ‘One Nation, One Election’ policy and the second against delimitation based on a fresh census.
‘One Nation, One Election’ is a proposal of the Indian government that aims to simultaneously conduct elections for the Lok Sabha and all state assemblies. The proposal is currently under consideration of a committee led by former President Ram Nath Kovind.
While speaking in the State Assembly, Chief Minister Stalin said, “The Legislative Assembly House urges the Union Government not to implement the ‘One Nation, One Election Policy’ as the theory of one nation, one election is against the basis of democracy, impractical and not enshrined in the Constitution of India.”
After this resolution, the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister moved the second resolution against the proposed exercise of delimitation of constituencies based on a fresh census (The last census was conducted in 2011). Tamil Nadu fears that given its lower population size it will have limited representation in the Lok Sabha as compared to more populated states.
Speaking on the floor of the House the CM said, “We can’t accept delimitation based on the census. States that are not interested in implementing population control policies will get more benefits because of delimitation based on the census. We can’t accept this. We have to oppose this.”
“This House urges the Union government that the delimitation process to be carried out after 2026 based on the census should not be carried out. Due to unavoidable reasons, if the number of seats based on population were to increase, it would be maintained at the present ratio of the constituencies between the states in the state assemblies and both houses of parliament fixed based on the population of 1971,” he said.
“So we urge that states like Tamil Nadu should not be penalized for implementing various socio-economic development programmes and welfare schemes for the benefit of the people over the past 50 years”, he added.
“There are 39 LS seats in Tamil Nadu, if delimitation is done, our number of LS seats will come down. Even with 39 MPs, our demands go unheard in the parliament; if it’s brought down, it may have a serious impact on our state,” added the Tamil Nadu CM.
In reply to the resolution BJP’s Vanathi Srinivasas first spoke on the resolution against delimitation saying “Fear is understandable and reasonable in future if our voice and rights become less if the number of seats are reduced. Tamil Nadu BJP understands the concern of that Resolution.
The BJP however opposed the resolution against the One Nation, One Election proposal.
“India is the largest democratic country, now a committee has been formed to discuss about One Nation one election every party can have their say in the Committee. Every year there is an election in some state, so we should see One Nation One Election as a remedy to this. Even former TN Chief Minister Kalaignar Karunanidhi in his book Nenjukku Neethi mentioned about the need of One Nation, One Election” Vanathi Srinivasan of the BJP said.
The move to pass the resolution comes as the high-level committee on ‘One Nation, One Election’ continues its engagements with state election commissions, seeking their perspectives on conducting simultaneous polls throughout the country

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