ANI Photo | Three separate attacks target Pakistani forces in Balochistan; ‘pro-independence’ groups claim responsibility

Three separate attacks targeted the Pakistani security forces in Balochistan’s Kech, Panjgoor, and Bolan districts, following which two Baloch ‘pro-independence’ groups, the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) and the United Baloch Army (UBA), claimed responsibility for the attacks, according to The Balochistan Post.
The groups claimed responsibility for the attacks in Kech and Bolan, respectively. However, the attackers in Panjgoor remained unidentified.
The BLF said that its fighters ambushed a convoy of Pakistani forces that was carrying rations for their main camp in Kolwah, Kech, on February 21, adding that it seized the rations and destroyed the surveillance drone camera of the forces.
The group accused the Pakistani forces of being ‘defeated’ and ‘humiliated’ and said that they were afraid to transport their supplies and equipment in their vehicles. The group alleged that the forces had intimidated local transporters into doing this job for them, as reported by Balochistan Post.
The group warned the local transporters to stop aiding the forces and said that it was constantly monitoring their movements and could strike at any time.
Meanwhile, the BLF spokesperson also claimed another attack on the Pakistani forces in Hironk, Kech, on February 22.
The group stated that its fighters attacked a security checkpoint of the forces and inflicted heavy damage and casualties, according to the Balochistan Post.
They further reiterated their aim of driving the Pakistani forces out of Balochistan and achieving independence for their region.
In a separate attack in the Mach area of Bolan, the UBA claimed responsibility for blowing up a natural gas pipeline.
Additionally, they said that its fighters detonated explosives on a 6-inch pipeline in the Bolan River, cutting off the gas supply.
The group further accused the Pakistani state of exploiting the resources of Balochistan and said that anyone who facilitated the forces in this activity would face consequences, the Balochistan Post reported.
Apart from the two regions, in Panjgoor, unidentified assailants raided the Pakistani forces’ camp and escaped.
According to local sources, loud explosions and gunfire were heard from the camp.
The local sources further said that the forces suffered significant losses in the attack, but the officials have not confirmed or denied the incident, according to the Balochistan Post.
In a separate incident in Nushki, a bomb exploded in the house of a police officer named Nasir, injuring two women in the house. However, the police have not yet identified the perpetrators or the motive behind the attack.

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