ANI Photo | Welfare of GYAN will ensure our country moves forward, says Haryana Chief Minister

On the day of the presentation of the state budget, Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, in an exclusive conversation with ANI, said that he has spoken about GYAN, an abbreviation for the four sections of society– the poor, youth, farmers and women– which would ensure that the state as well as the country moves forward.
“I spoke about GYAN, G stands for Gareeb, Y stands for Yuva, A stands for Annadatha and N stands for Nari. We have tried to represent these four sections as abbreviations of the word GYAN. Firstly, GYAN means knowledge. We have spoken about the welfare of these four communities. If we fulfil the needs of these four sections, especially those at the bottom of the social pyramid, for the poor, our state and our country will move forward,” Khattar said on Friday.
Speaking about women-centric schemes announced by the Haryana government, the Chief Minister said that expenses for girl-children going to private schools as well as their travel expenses will be provided by the state.
“We had last time announced that there will be a college within every 20 km so that none of our daughters have to travel more than 10 km to study, we have achieved that target. Of the 72 colleges, we built last time, half of the colleges are for women. Even if our daughters go to private colleges, the Haryana government will take care of the expenses. We have also made arrangements for safe travel for women. We have taken several steps so that our daughters are saved, educated and taken forward in life,” Khattar said.
The Chief Minister added that several such schemes have been initiated for boys, at par with girls, so that both genders can get skilled and trained.
“We are taking steps for our sons as well. The importance girls have in our society is important for boys as well. So we have taken up common welfare service for both genders so that our youth get skilled, trained and secure their future. This will ensure the welfare of the state as well as the country,” Khattar said

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