42nd Book Fair ignites love for reading in Agartala

42nd book fair ignites love for reading in agartala – The News Mill

ANI Photo | 42nd Book Fair ignites love for reading in Agartala

In a celebration of literature that has lit up the city of Agartala, the 42nd Book Fair, held at the International Fair Ground, has become a beacon of cultural pride and joy for the state of Tripura since its commencement on February 21.
Drawing in thousands of visitors daily from across the state, the fair has seen an impressive turnout, with book sales reaching into the lakhs, affirming the event as the state’s most sensible zone for literature enthusiasts.
Aldrin Majumdar, a visitor at the book fair said, “It’s very good to be here at the 42nd Agartala Book fair. Buying books and reading books is very interesting. What we are surfing on the internet and in the phone has a different vibe, but reading a book physically has always been interesting.”
“I am having the experience of having 33 years in this book fair and I am desperately speaking that this year is the best year in terms of selling and publishing books,” Uttam Chakraborty, a publisher said.
Speaking about the business of the Book Fair, Biswanath Roy, a bookseller said, “The first two days the business was down due to rain, but after that, there is an increase in the business and boost in sales.”
One of the bookshop owners, Suman Ghosh, who has set up a stall on patriotic books said, “This particular bookstall is very different and unique from all other stalls in the book fair. We are having books of patriotism and nationalism. Every youth must read such books.”
42nd book fair ignites love for reading in agartala 1 – The News Mill
A visitor, Sanjib Roy said that it is the best year in terms of selling and publishing books. “I am going through different stalls and I am happy to read such a huge variety of books,” he said.
42nd book fair ignites love for reading in agartala – The News Mill
Papai Pal, a book lover, said that e-content cannot be a replacement for books. “It’s been very pleasant to be here at the book fair. For me, in the world of e-content and pdf, nothing can replace books. Because of the aroma, the psychological effect of a book has nothing that can beat this,” Pal said.
Bimbisar Bhattacharya, the Director of the Department of Information and Cultural Affairs and the Chairperson of the Book Fair Committee said that the number of book stalls increased and more than one crore in revenue has been collected so far.
“The 42nd Agartala Book Fair started on February 21 and will last till March 5. The book fair this year is for 14 days. The number of book stalls has increased in comparison to last year. Till yesterday around Rs 1.04 crore revenue has been generated by selling books. People are participating in the book fair in large numbers and it is giving us a positive response,” Bhattacharya said.
42nd book fair ignites love for reading in agartala 2 – The News Mill
One of the visitors, Indrani Dey said that in the modern world where Google and YouTube have kept us busy, a fresh new book leaves an impact on our minds.
“Book fairs are always a good childhood memory for me. It is always joyful for me to participate in the book fair. Though the world is modernising, Google and YouTube have taken most of the time but a fresh new book always hits our mind with the aroma and texture,” Dey said.
“We nowadays provide our children with phones, computers and big screens but no one is giving them books, I think this initiative must be taken,” she added.
Agartala, the charming capital of Tripura and the smallest state capital in the Northeast is renowned for its high literacy rate, standing at an impressive 87.75 per cent, just behind Mizoram’s 91.58 per cent. This statistic is a testament to the state’s unwavering commitment to education and the profound love for books among its residents. Given this backdrop, it’s hardly surprising that books remain a cherished choice for the people of this beautiful state.
This year’s book fair has been particularly special, marked by an overwhelming sense of joy and celebration. Unlike previous years, the fair has attracted a diverse crowd of all ages. Remarkably, even the elderly, supported by their loved ones, have been seen navigating through the myriad of book stalls, each looking to add a new volume to their collection for mental enrichment and satisfaction.
In an age dominated by digital screens and the allure of computerization, the 42nd Book Fair of Tripura stands as a powerful reminder of the timeless appeal of books. Visitors to the fair have been captivated by the tactile joy of flipping through the pages of a book and the enchanting smell of paper, proving that, despite the convenience of digital reading options, the physical experience of reading a book holds an irreplaceable place in our hearts.
The fair not only beautifies the city of Agartala but also fosters a sense of community among readers and book lovers, uniting them in their shared passion for literature. It serves as a vivid reminder of the enduring magic of books and their ability to bring people together, transcending the barriers of age and technology.
As the 42nd Book Fair continues to enchant the state of Tripura, it reaffirms the power of literature to inspire, educate, and bring joy to people’s lives. In doing so, it cements its status as not just an event, but a cultural phenomenon that celebrates the unbreakable bond between humans and the written word

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