ANI Photo | Baloch women’s rights activist calls for halting deportation of Asma Baloch to Iran

Baloch women’s rights activist Naela Quadri Baloch moved a petition on Monday urging authorities to halt the deportation of fellow women’s rights activist Asma Baloch to Iran.
In a post on ‘X’, Naela Baloch stated, “Urgent Appeal to Halt the Deportation of Women’s Rights Activist Asma Baloch to Iran.”
In a letter to the Swedish Migration Agency, as well as human rights defenders globally, Naela Baloch wrote, “I am writing to you with great concern regarding the imminent deportation of Asma MirBalochzahi, a 34-year-old Baloch political and women’s rights activist, from Sweden to Iran. Asma Baloch, as she is known, has been a vocal advocate for justice and human rights in the face of oppressive regimes.”
Alleging threats to Asma, Naela Baloch added, “Throughout her stay in Sweden, Asma MirBalochzahi has been subjected to constant threats from the Iranian government, posing a grave danger to her life.”
“The recent approval of her deportation by the Swedish Immigration Department is deeply concerning, as it not only places her safety in jeopardy but also runs counter to the principles of humanity and the values upheld by the European Union,” she added.
“Asma Baloch’s family in Balochistan is under constant pressure and threat of assassination due to her courageous political and civil activities. It is imperative that we, as advocates for human rights, stand united to prevent her deportation and ensure her safety” she wrote further in the letter.
“We call upon all Baloch activists, human rights defenders in Sweden, and concerned individuals across Europe and America to join forces in preventing this injustice. Deporting Asma to Iran would undoubtedly lead to severe punishments and cruelty, amounting to nothing short of a death sentence,” she stated further.
Naela Baloch also called on the European community and fellow human rights activists worldwide to rise against the challenging circumstances Asma is confronting.
“Let us unite our voices and actions to uphold the values of justice and humanity,” she stated in her letter.

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