ANI Photo | Baloch Yakjehti Committee organises massive rally against Pak atrocities

The Baloch Yakjehti Committee, a prominent Baloch rights organization,on Saturday organised a massive rally highlighting injustices and atrocities committed by the Pakistani administration against Baloch rights activists. The rally was organised on the sidelines of the occasion of Baloch Culture Day with an aim to to raise awareness about the atrocities faced by the Baloch community and commemorate forcibly disappeared individuals and those killed, The Balochistan Post reported.
According to the report, during the rally, the leader of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons and the daughter of forcibly disappeared Deen Muhammad Baloch, Sammi Deen Baloch stated, “What was done to us in Islamabad, no one does to their worst enemy. Baloch culture is a culture of resistance, protection, honour and dignity. We have to be Baloch in practice while understanding our responsibilities”.
She urged the Baloch community to embody their culture while recognizing their responsibilities.
While addressing the participants according to the same news piece, Sami Baloch also said, “When we were being beaten with sticks on the square in Islamabad, water was being poured on us in the cold days and we were put in jails. They came out of their homes in large numbers and unitedly conveyed their voice to the state that the Baloch who is standing at your door in Islamabad is not alone”.
Furthermore, said that today is known as Baloch Culture Day, The Baloch Yakjehti Committee today commemorates our forcibly disappeared fathers, brothers, and children who have been missing or those children, youths, and elders who are responsible for the prosperous future of Balochistan or talking about their rights, talking about resistance, they disappeared or were martyred. Today, Baloch does not know where his son is, but the Baloch youth has been buried in an abandoned cemetery.
Sammi Deen also stated “Today we have gathered here in the name of culture. Culture is the resistance that has kept the Baloch alive. Baloch culture is not a day that you celebrate it, Baloch culture is its loyalty, identity, identity, language, clothes, home, standing, sitting, and manners, all these come into the culture and are known. Apart from March 2, Baloch sticks to their responsibilities under culture” the news report stated.
According to the report, by showing a picture of a Baloch woman’s torn sleeve and injured hand, she stated that these are the pictures that are in front of our eyes, reminding us every day that our mothers and sisters were treated like this in Islamabad.
Giving a call to act, Sammi Deen urged the Baloch community to resist oppression, asserting that justice could not be expected from the country’s constitution, law, police, or institutions.
Sammi Deen said that today “there is a so-called democracy in this country in which the judiciary is talked about”. Today, those who oppress our children, women, and youth, but those criminals are not brought to justice. There is no way left for Baloch except resistance. There is no hope from the Constitution, law, police and institutions of this country. Whatever oppression is done to us in Balochistan, this country has nothing to do with it, the same state institutions are doing all this but the institutions of the same state cannot give us justice.
“If you want to keep Baloch alive, if you want to keep its identity, language alive, then you have to struggle for it. We don’t have to limit ourselves to two-time bread, one government post, if Baloch lives, his future will be prosperous. What is done to our mothers, children, women and youth in Islamabad, no one does to his worst enemy, examples of Palestine are given here, but the police of Islamabad forcibly killed Baloch women and children. Is it not seen in many cases with the families of the missing persons,” she added.

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