ANI Photo | CM Yogi implemented investment proposals of over Rs 10 lakh crore in one day

Uttar Pradesh, under the leadership of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, has implemented investment proposals of over Rs 10 lakh crore through various industries in a single day.
It’s worth reflecting on the transformation Uttar Pradesh has undergone in the past seven to eight years. Once dubbed ‘Ulta Pradesh’, the state has now emerged as ‘Udyog Pradesh’, setting new benchmarks in development across infrastructure, connectivity, power supply, law enforcement, healthcare, and education. In every sector, Uttar Pradesh is making remarkable strides towards excellence.
The state that once created fear in the minds of entrepreneurs has now evolved into a business-friendly state. Through comprehensive reforms in work culture at all levels, CM Yogi has achieved what once appeared impossible.
After taking charge of the state, the Chief Minister initiated work in mission mode to strengthen and streamline the law and order. His strong desire to connect the youth of the state with employment opportunities has significantly paved the way for the establishment of industries on a large scale.
In addition to this, the state has introduced more than 25 sector-specific policies, a separate policy to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), rapid development of expressways in the state and the establishment of a 46,000-acre land bank along these expressways.
To create a better environment for industries, the Yogi government has not only brought 481 services from 41 departments under the Single Window System but has also set a new record by disposing of more than 97 per cent of over 13 lakh license applications.
Not only this, more than a thousand unique reforms under the Business Reform Action Plan (BARP) have also become possible for the first time.
In addition to these achievements, whether it is providing NOCs within a specified time frame for over 200 services or reducing compliance requirements for nearly 4,500 compliances or eliminating over 577 compliances, the Yogi government has left no stone unturned in establishing an environment of ease of doing business in UP.
With this, the state has now become one of India’s top 5 manufacturing states, boasting a huge cluster of over 86 lakh MSMEs, the largest in any state in India.
Moreover, the Yogi government’s proactive approach in developing a land bank of over 46,000 acres near economic zones, expressways, and corridors has begun attracting significant industrial opportunities to the state.
Notably, the image of the state government has become one of the policy-based governance in the industrial sector, both in the country and globally.
The government possesses more than 25 sectoral policies for industries and stands out for having separate policies for Foreign Direct investment (FDI), contributing significantly to its notable achievements.
Uttar Pradesh is a large state with seven cities having a population of over 10 lakhs and five cities with a population exceeding 5 lakhs, with 56 percent of its population working.
The state has a huge consumer base with a population of 250 million and the neighbouring states have a population of approximately 425 million. Such a huge consumer market is also attracting industrialists and businessmen in the state

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