ANI Photo | “May be reduced to single digit…”: Assam Dy Speaker jabs Congress over choice of LS candidates for state

Taking a swipe at the Congress over its choice of Lok Sabha candidates for Assam, the Deputy Speaker of the state assembly on Wednesday said the ruling BJP was ‘very happy’ with the list as it would ensure that the grand old party comes a cropper in the state and its tally of seats across the country is reduced to a ‘single digit’.
Earlier, on Tuesday, Congress general secretary KC Venugopal announced the second list of 43 candidates for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, including 12 from Assam.
Speaking to ANI on Wednesday, Assam Deputy Speaker Numal Momin said, “We were very happy seeing the Congress list for Assam, as we can now say with full conviction that they wouldn’t win a single seat in the state. I fear that the Congress might even fail to win a single Lok Sabha seat in the entire Northeast region. Such is the prevailing state of the Congress that one wouldn’t be surprised if its tally of seats across the country came down to a single digit. I doubt if the Congress has ever been in a similar state before,” Momin told ANI on Wednesday.
Invoking Mahatma Gandhi’s ‘dream’ of dissolving the Congress after independence, the BJP leader said it was coming true.
“He (Mahatma Gandhi) had talked about dissolving the Congress and forming a new party that was to contest elections (post-independence). However, Jawaharlal Nehru did not honour his wish,” the Deputy Speaker claimed.
“However, Rahul Gandhi now appears to be fulfilling what Mahatma Gandhi had wished for the Congress. The Congress is staring at decimation this time, which is sad for our democracy. A strong Opposition has a big role to play in the making of a strong democracy,” Momin added.
In a further dig at the grand old party, the BJP now has to take the onus on itself to play the dual role of a ruling party as well as that of the Opposition.
“The Congress, today, are in dire straits and they only have themselves to blame. They don’t have a leader and also lack vision and ambition. They undertook a ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ and are now in the middle of a ‘Nyay Yatra’. They appear confused as to what yatra to undertake,” the Deputy Speaker added.
“Their current state reflects their failure to assess the aspirations of the people and lay out a broad roadmap or vision for the country. They have literally dragged their party to the point of destruction,” Momin added

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