ANI Photo | “Mera Bharat-Mera Parivaar”: PM Modi hits out at opposition over RJD chief’s ‘no family’ jibe

Countering the Opposition bloc that is formed with a sole purpose of defeating BJP in Lok Sabha Polls, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday elaborated on what a family means to him, saying that leaders of INDI Alliance are interested to live only for their families where as he prefers to live for every family of India.
Further sharpening his attack, he said that he has been following the ideology of Nation First, ‘Mera Bharat-Mera Parivaar’.
Addressing a rally in Odisha today, PM Modi said he is engaged in creating a better future for every citizen of the country.
“We are helping women so that our sisters can become ‘Lakhpati Didi’. I am working to make three crore Lakhpati Didis across the country. But the corrupt people of INDI Alliance are not liking this. These people have nothing in response to our resolutions, achievements and policies. That is why the people of INDI Alliance have now increased their attacks on Modi. They are saying that Modi does not have a family, hence Modi has to be removed. These family members say that it is a fight of ideologies. The ideology of INDI Alliance is family first while Modi’s ideology is Nation First. These people live only for their families and Modi lives for every family of India. Modi is engaged in creating a better future for every citizen of the country,” he said.
He also emphasized that the only goal of the INDI Alliance is to remove Modi, whereas the key target of BJP is to make India, the third largest economic power.
“They (Opposition) have built palaces only for their children whereas Modi has built permanent houses for the poor families. That’s why I say ‘Mera Bharat-Mera Parivaar’. This is what is bothering these nepotism parties. Since yesterday, the poor, women and farmers of the country are all saying that I am Modi’s family,” PM Modi said.
Further, the Prime Minister mentioned that the Bharatiya Janata Party is bringing a scheme where people can sell excess electricity generated through Solar Panels on their house terraces.
“Modi guarantees to provide free electricity. Now, if excess electricity is generated, there will be income by selling it. BJP government has made the ‘PM-Surya Ghar Muft Electricity Scheme’. By installing solar panels on the roof of the house, you will get up to 300 units of free electricity. Every family will also be able to sell excess electricity to the government. We are also making farmers ‘Urjadaata’. They can also install solar panels on vacant land. Modi is taking a pledge to make India developed so that the future of every family in the country is prosperous,” he said.
Further, the Prime Minister asked everyone in the crowd to take out their mobiles and turn on their flashlight.
“All of you turn on the flashlight of your mobile. This light is for the bright future of Odisha. These shining stars are there to change the destiny of India

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