ANI Photo | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf to continue protests against ‘election rigging’ throughout Ramzan

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader, Ali Zafar, said on Tuesday that his party has decided to continue its protests against alleged rigging in the general elections throughout Ramzan, as reported by Dawn.
Zafar mentioned in a party meeting that reviewed the treatment of peaceful protestors across the country, deciding not to wait for Eidul Fitr and instead continue the current series of demonstrations.
“We saw today that they did not allow people to meet Imran Khan, so it could be decided that the protest is taken to [outside] the Adiala Jail.”
Earlier, PTI leader Omar Ayub called for nationwide peaceful protests across Pakistan against alleged rigging in the general elections held on February 8, as reported by Dunya News.
Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, Ayub said that the mandate of the country was stolen and reiterated that his party secured 180 seats in the National Assembly during the February 8 polls.
Ayub lamented the purported rigging incidents and criticized the police for what he deemed unjust arrests of over 100 senior party leaders, including Latif Khosa and Salman Akram Raja, along with party workers.
Expressing disdain over police misconduct, Ayub accused the government of exhibiting fascist tendencies, citing that fundamental human rights were being violated, reported Dunya News.
Asserting PTI’s commitment to constitutional and legal norms, Ayub emphasised the party’s peaceful intent in conducting protests both within legislative assemblies and across the country, as per Dunya News.Ayub hit out at the political rival, particularly the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM).
He pointed out the economic challenges burdening the populace, attributing them to inflation and poor governance policies.
He further accused the prime minister and chief minister of Punjab of operating beyond legal frameworks.
Ayub alleged amendments to Form 45 on February 9, resulting in the creation of Form 47, implicating the government in corruption and election malpractice during the 2024 general elections.
Additionally, he called for an end to social media restrictions and demanded the lifting of bans on various social media platforms, advocating for greater freedom of expression.
Omar Ayub’s statements underscore the deepening political tensions in Pakistan, with the PTI intensifying its opposition stance against alleged electoral irregularities while advocating for democratic principles and civil liberties.

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