ANI Photo | “Parivarvadi parties think only about their families but…”: PM Modi slams INDIA bloc

In an all out attack against the INDIA bloc on Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that INDIA bloc believes in the ‘family first’ motto whereas he believes in putting ‘nation first’.
PM Modi especially mentioned the names of DMK and Congress and questioned whether having a family grants a license to engage in corruption in the country.
“Congress, DMK and the parties associated with the Indi alliance are corruption and dynastic parties. For them, their family is everything, corruption is everything,” he said.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi asserted that leaders within the INDIA bloc have adopted a new strategy to criticize him, claiming that “Modi has no family”
Addressing a public event in Chennai, Prime Minister Modi said, “You all know the DMK, Congress and other parties. Their motto is family first. Modi says nation first and that is why people in the INDI alliance have found a new formula to abuse me. They say Modi doesn’t have a family. Does this mean that those who have families get a license to commit corruption? They have developed a habit of abusing my family again and again.”
PM Modi further mentioned that “he left his home not for his own enjoyment but for the country”.
“I have left home not for myself but for the country. My family is this country, 140 crore countrymen. Jiska koi nahi wo bhi Modi Ke hai aur Modi unka hai. Mere Bharat mera Parivaar and that’s why the entire country is saying today, “Main Hoon Modi ka a Parivaar…” he said.
Lalu Yadav, while addressing the party’s ‘Jan Vishwas Maha Rally’ in Patna on Sunday, said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi just spreads hatred in the name of religion.
“These days he is talking about dynastic politics. You (PM Modi) don’t have a family. You are not even a Hindu. When your mother died, every Hindu, as per tradition, shaves his beard and head. Why did you not shave? You only spread hatred in society,” RJD Chief Lalu Yadav said.
Welcoming the Supreme Court verdict, that MP or MLA cannot claim immunity from prosecution on a charge of bribery in connection with the vote or speech in the Parliament or Legislative Assembly, Prime Minister said that the INDIA bloc is in mourning over the apex court decision.
The Supreme Court has today overturned a decision granting protection to corrupt leaders of the INDI alliance. I welcome this decision. After this decision of the Supreme Court, the INDI alliance is mourning, the are crying because INDI alliance does not know anything else except bribery, corruption and corrupting the country’s systems,” he said.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that he will not allow the ruling DMK party in Tamil Nadu to “loot” the money meant for public welfare, adding that whatever MK Stalin’s party has looted from the people will be recovered by the BJP and will be spent on the people of the state.Calling it a ‘Modi guarantee’, the Prime Minister said that the BJP is committed to the development of Tamil Nadu.
“The Centre is directly sending money to beneficiary accounts. DMK people are having a problem with this.I want to tell them (DMK) that Modi will not let you loot the money of the people of Tamil Nadu and the money you looted will be recovered and spent for the people of the state. This is Modi’s guarantee,” he said.
He also claimed that drugs is being freely sold in Tamil Nadu.
“Today’s drugs is being sold in Tamil Nadu freely and it’s a worrisome to me. You should be more awarness and cautious about they party. This is a symptom of danger. Give BJP a chance to eradicate drugs and it’s Modi guarantee,” he said.
He further mentioned that DMK was more focused on managing media than putting efforts into flood management when Cyclone Michaung touched the state in December last year.
“DMK turned away from the problems people were facing during the cyclone. People in Chennai were facing problems. Instead of helping them, they aggravated their problems. At the time of the crisis, DMK people were busy with media management instead of flood management. Water was filled inside the houses but DMK was saying everything was fine,” he said.
Taking a further dig at DMK, the Prime Minister said that many people in the state get upset whenever he is about to visit Tamil Nadu.
“Your love for me is very old but in recent years, whenever I visit Tamil Nadu, many people get stomach aches. They are having a problem because the BJP’s popularity is continuously increasing here,” he said.
“Every time I come to Chennai, I feel energised by the people. It is great to be here in this city, which is full of life. Chennai is also a great hub of talent, trade and tradition. In our mission to build a developed India, the people of Chennai will play a very important role,” he added.
In a historic milestone marking entry into the vital second stage of India’s three stage nuclear program, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi witnessed today, commencement of “Core Loading” at India’s first indigenous Fast Breeder Reactor (500 MWe) at Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu.
The Prime Minister took a tour of the Reactor Vault and the Control Room of the Reactor. He was briefed about the salient features of this reactor.
India has developed comprehensive capabilities spanning the entire spectrum of the nuclear fuel cycle. Government had approved in 2003, the creation of Bhartiya Nabhikiya Vidyut Nigam Ltd (BHAVINI) to construct and operate India’s most advanced nuclear reactor-Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor (PFBR).
In line with the true spirit of Aatmanirbhar Bharat, PFBR has been fully designed and constructed indigenously by BHAVINI with significant contribution from more than 200 Indian industries including MSMEs. Once commissioned, India will only be the second country after Russia to have commercial operating Fast Breeder Reactor.
The Fast Breeder Reactor (FBR) will initially use the Uranium-Plutonium Mixed Oxide (MOX) fuel. The Uranium-238 “blanket” surrounding the fuel core will undergo nuclear transmutation to produce more fuel, thus earning the name ‘Breeder’. The use of Throium-232, which in itself is not a fissile material, as a blanket is also envisaged in this stage. By transmutation, Thorium will create fissile Uranium-233 which will be used as fuel in the third stage. FBR is thus a stepping stone for the third stage of the program paving the way for the eventual full utilization of India’s abundant thorium reserves.
In terms of safety, the PFBR is an advanced third generation reactor with inherent passive safety features ensuring a prompt and safe shut down of the plant in the event of an emergency. Since it uses the spent fuel from the first stage, FBR also offers great advantage in terms of significant reduction in nuclear waste generated, thereby avoiding the need for large geological disposal facilities.
Upon completion of the core loading, the first approach to criticality will be achieved, leading to generation of power subsequently.
Notably, despite the advanced technology involved, both the capital cost and the per unit electricity cost is comparable to other nuclear and conventional power plants.
The growth of the Indian nuclear power program is imperative to meet the twin goals of energy security and sustainable development. As a responsible nuclear power with advanced technology, India remains committed to expand peaceful applications of nuclear technology, both in power and non-power sector, while ensuring the security of nuclear and radiological materials.
Earlier in the day, Prime Minister inaugurated and laid foundation stone for multiple development projects worth more than Rs 56,000 crores in Adilabad, Telangana.Addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister said that the land of Adilabad is becoming a witness to development projects related not only to Telangana but to the entire country as more than 30 development projects worth more than Rs 56,000 crores are either being dedicated to the nation or their foundation stones are being laid today.
Prime Minister noted that the Central Government and the state of Telangana have both completed almost 10 years and said that the government is providing all possible assistance to the state to realize the dreams of its citizens.
Even today, the Prime Minister informed, the 800 MW capacity NTPC Unit 2 has been inaugurated today which will further boost the electricity generation capacity of Telangana.
He also mentioned the completion of electrification of Ambari – Adilabad – Pimpalkhuti rail lines and the foundation stone laying for two major National Highway projects in Adilabad, Bela and Mulugu. The Prime Minister underlined that these modern rail and road projects of today will give momentum to the development of Telangana as well as the entire region, while also reducing travel time, encouraging tourism and creating countless employment opportunities.
The Prime Minister reiterated the mantra of nation’s development through the development of the states. He said that with a better economy, trust in the country grows and states also benefit from that as they get investment. He mentioned the global buzz around the high growth rate of the Indian economy as India is the only major economy that has grown by 8.4 percent in the last quarter.
“With this speed, India will become the world’s third-largest economy”, said the Prime Minister, which will also mean high growth for the economy of Telangana also, he added.
Recalling the earlier neglect of areas like Telangana, the Prime Minister highlighted the new ways of governance in the last 10 years.
Pointing to the more allocation for the development of the state during the last 10 years, the Prime Minister stated, “For us development means the development of the poorest of the poor, development of the dalit, tribals, backwards and deprived.”
The Prime Minister said that more than 25 crore people have risen out of poverty and credited the government welfare schemes for the poor. Concluding the address, the Prime Minister stressed that such campaigns will be further amplified in the next 5 years (ANI)

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