ANI Photo | Telangana Congress govt busy sending suitcases to Delhi: BRS chief KCR

Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) president and former Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao on Tuesday attacked the Congress government in the state, saying that they are busy collecting funds for the central leadership of the party.
“Chief Minister Revanth Reddy and his ministers are busy sending suitcases to Delhi. The self-respect of Telangana is being put hostage in Delhi,” KCR said while addressing a public meeting, ‘Kadanabheri’, held in Karimnagar as part of the poll campaign for the Parliamentary elections.
He also accused the state police of being partisans under the Congress government.
“Don’t be scared of the Congress government. I urge the police officials who are trying to scare the people posting on social media; it’s not good. I am asking why politics matters to the police. We have been in power for 10 years and we haven’t done this tyranny. If we had done the same tyranny by using police, would Congress leaders be there in the state? But we worked for the people,” he said.
He alleged that the Congress government failed to implement the guarantees the party promised during the Assembly election.
He said that casting votes in favour of the Congress party in the coming Lok Sabha election would embolden them not to implement the guarantees the party had promised.
“If you still vote for the Congress party in the parliamentary elections, they will say that even if we don’t give Rythu bandhu, Current & water, they voted for us, so there is no need to give six guarantees at all,” KCR said in his speech.
KCR accused Chief Minister Revanth Reddy of using inappropriate language unbecoming of his position.
“When the Chief Minister was asked about the Six Guarantees and water scarcity, he said he would kill and become the human bomb. Is this the language a chief minister should speak? Can a CM speak about becoming a human bomb? Even I used strong words during the Telangana movement against Telangana traitors. But after I became the CM, I did not abuse the opponent,” KCR said.
“Through Mission Bhagiratha, we have given water to every household. Does the Chief Minister not have the brain to run that scheme? Why are there problems at Mission Bhagiratha? During my tenure, within a year we have provided 24-hour electricity. Even during the Corona period, I did not stop giving Rythu bandhu,” he added.
He said BRS MPs are needed in Parliament. Telangana will improve if BRS wins the parliamentary elections with the highest number of seats, he said.
“We asked for Navodaya schools to be given to every district but Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not give a single school to Telangana. Why should we vote for the BJP? You should think about it. Is there any comparison between Bandi Sanjay and Vinod Kumar? Vinod Kumar played an active role in the Telangana movement from the beginning. Vinod Kumar brought Karimnagar Smart City.”
“There are a few channels that say BRS will fade. But I am saying BRS will be there forever. If one or two people leave the party, they are saying the BRS party is finished, but the BRS party will be forever,” he added

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