ANI Photo | “They hurled 104th abuse today”: PM Modi targets opposition over ‘Aurangzeb’ jibe

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday sharpened his attack on opposition parties, saying they had hurled a new “104th abuse” against him and described him as Mughal ruler Aurangzeb.
Addressing the News18 Rising Bharat Summit 2024 here, PM Modi also referred to the accusation of INDIA bloc parties of his government misusing the probe agencies against opposition parties and said that the action “against corruption” will continue.
PM Modi said his government is preparing a roadmap for the country’s progress for the next 25 years while the opposition parties are also setting new records of abusing him.
“We are making a roadmap for the next 25 years and also making a plan for the first 100 days of our third term. On the other hand, our opposition is also making new records. Today only they hurled 104th abuse, called me Aurangzeb, declared to blow up Modi’s head,” he said.
Shiv Sena (UBT) MP Sanjay Raut on Wednesday alleged that there was a conspirancy against Maharashtra whether it is “PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah who are ruling Maharashtra from Delhi via Gujarat”.
Raut said Shivaji was born in Maharashtra and Aurangzeb in Gujarat and claimed that the Dahod, birthplace of the Mughal ruler, was not very far from the place where PM Modi was born.
“This Aurangzebi tendency is coming through Delhi and Gujarat to Maharashtra in a conspiracy against the pride of Shiv Sena and Maharashtra,” Raut said.
BJP leader Sudhanshu Trivedi earlier in the day targeted Raut over his remarks and alleged that the opposition party stands with those who glorified Aurangzeb. “Sanjay Raut talked about Aurangzeb and Afzal Khan, with whom he is standing; who created Aurangzeb Road in Delhi. Shiv Sena stands with those who glorified Aurangzeb. Be it Imran Masood or Mani Shankar Ayer, everyone gave hateful statements but the public showered love,” Trivedi said.
PM Modi came down heavily on the opposition and said he has the blessings of the people.
“When poor person blesses me, the opposition starts abusing me, but it does not make any difference. The country has already made up its mind to bring the Modi government back.”
Referring to India’s fast economic growth, PM Modi said that India will be the pilot who takes the globe to new heights in the next five years.
“Next five years would be of unprecedented growth… and this is ‘Modi ki Guarantee’,” PM Modi added.
He said the government was taking action against corruption.
“Our government is employing technology to catch the corrupt, and therefore it’s easier to nab them. Today, it’s becoming hard to hide money trails, and therefore, stashs of money are being found now from beds and walls. A bundle of notes are being unearthed from a Congress MP’s home…and hence they are rattled,” he said.
In a veiled attack on Pakistan over support to cross-border terrorism, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asserted that the new India does not tolerate the pain of terrorism but teaches a lesson to those resorting to such violence and that the condition of those who gave India terror attacks is being seen by people all over the world.
PM Modi referred to the Balakot airstrikes carried out by the Indian Air Force on terror camp in Pakistan on February 26, 2019, in response to Pulwama terror attack, and said he had addressed Network-18 Rising India Summit on the evening before the air strikes.
“Whether it is those who protect terrorism or countries who want progress and peace, all of them have experienced Rising Bharat. This new India does not tolerate pain from terrorism but teaches lesson to those resorting to such attacks. Those who gave us terror attacks, what is their condition, the citizens are seeing as also the world,” he said.
Terrorism emanating from territories under Pakistan’s control remains a core concern in bilateral relations. India has consistently stressed the need for Pakistan to take credible, irreversible and verifiable action to end cross border terrorism.
Pakistan has been facing a staggering economic crisis with high inflation, depleting foreign reserves, high debt and excessive fuel prices.
PM Modi said the government is presenting to people the report card of its performance in the last 10 years.
“We are making a roadmap for the next 25 years. We are also making plans for the initial 100 days of our third term,” he said.
Lok Sabha polls will be held in seven phases between April 19 to June 1. The Election Commission has also announced dates of assembly polls in four states.
Expressing confidence of the BJP-led NDA coming to power after the Lok Sabha polls, PM Modi said that the government is making roadmap for the next 25 years and also plan for next 100 years.
PM Modi said 25 crore people have come out of poverty in the last 10 years.
“India moved from the 10th largest economy to the fifth. India’s forex reserves crossed $700 billion. India’s exports have increased exponentially. We need to do a lot more,” he said..
“Today, the entire world considers the 21st century the century of India. Big rating agencies and economists are assured of rising India. Why is it that they aren’t raising any questions? It’s because the entire world is witnessing how India has brought big changes in the last 10 years,” he added

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