ANI Photo | “Congress will win 20 seats in Kerala…”: Sachin Pilot in Wayanad

Congress leader Sachin Pilot on Monday exuded confidence in the opposition coalition, INDIA bloc forming a government at the Centre and said that Congress will win 20 seats in Kerala in the Lok Sabha elections.
During the roadshow, Sachin Pilot questioned the BJP government about what they have done in the last 10 years.
“The BJP government has not done any work in the last 10 years. The 2024 Lok Sabha elections are for a new change. The UDF has promised to work for the elderly, farmers and young people amd women. The BJP has used the CBI and ED against Rahul Gandhi. In the last 10 years, the BJP has not done anything for the middle class and the poor. You can see the language of the BJP leaders and see what kind of agenda they are setting. Rahul Gandhi always raises the issues of Wayanad and talks about his constituency, this time also people will vote for Rahul Gandhi and make Congress win 20 seats in Kerala,” Pilot told ANI.
He further said that the agenda for the election should be development, progress, and prosperity adding that there is a “sense of arrogance” in the NDA government.
“This is a national election. The agenda for the election should be development, progress, and prosperity. The 10 years of the NDA government, have to give answers for why we have record unemployment in this country today. The sense of arrogance in the government is now clearly visible. The statements made by the top leaders of the BJP show that they are on a back foot in the first round of voting. The feedback we’ve got is that it INDIA bloc is far ahead of the NDA. In Kerala, there are 20 seats that go to polls. Last time we got 19 seats. I am absolutely confident that we will get 20 out of 20 seats and Rahul Gandhi will win by a bigger margin than he won last time,” he said.
Pilot further said that the Congress manifesto is a manifesto for the prosperity of this country adding that the statements given by the BJP leaders show that they are rattled and they are quite nervous about the results.
“I don’t know why the Prime Minister is saying these things. There is no reason. We take everybody along. This country belongs to all of us. But the statements given by the BJP leaders show that they are rattled and they are quite nervous about the results…UDF will win 20 on 20 seats (in Kerala),” he said.
He further asserted that in the Lok Sabha elections, the Congress and the INDIA bloc would perform well adding that the INDIA bloc will form the government on June 4.
“The LDF government is working in the state but is not successful in delivering development. Their government is facing serious corruption charges. There is violence in the state and violence in politics as well. The people of Kerala will show the LDF the real mirror. It is also clear to the people what the agenda of the BJP is and the agenda of Congress is absolutely clear. We will work for women, farmers, the elderly, and young people. The Congress and the INDIA bloc will perform well. The Congress manifesto aims to bring prosperity to India. It is clear from the statements given by BJP leaders that they are nervous about the election results.
Reacting to the electoral bonds issue, Sachin Pilot asked the BJP government to disclose the recipient’s name
“The Supreme Court has called the electoral bond illegal. If they want transparency, then why is the BJP not disclosing the recipient’s name? Even after the Supreme Court’s intervention, the name has been kept hidden. Donations have been received, which is a huge corruption, and the BJP will have to answer,” he said.
All 20 Lok Sabha constituencies in Kerala will vote in a single phase on April 26. Counting will be held on June 4

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