ANI Photo | Mafia should not be allowed to flourish again under any circumstances: UP CM Yogi

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, on Friday, said that the mafia is like ‘Raktbeej’ (a multiplying demon) and they should not be allowed to flourish again under any circumstances.
Addressing a public gathering in Deoband on Friday in support of BJP candidate Raghav Lakhan Pal Sharma from Saharanpur Lok Sabha seat, he said, “Congress and SP used to capitulate to them, but today ‘Kuch mafia jail mein hain, kuch jahannum chale gaye’ (Some mafia are behind bars, while others have met their fate). Their influence has been completely extinguished.”
He highlighted the clear division in this election between two opposing ideologies. On one side are those driven by caste divisions, while on the other are individuals dedicated to nationalism.
“On one hand, there are those intent on tearing apart the social fabric, while on the other hand, under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, there are people who believe in upholding India’s dignity.”
The Chief Minister emphasised that the Saharanpur district, nestled in the sacred embrace of Maa Balasundari, Maa Shakambhari, and MaaYamuna, stands as the birthplace of heroes.
“Today is the holy birth anniversary of the great Maharana Sanga. On his birth anniversary, we got the opportunity to offer floral tributes to the statue of his grandson Maharana Pratap. Even after centuries, the nation holds Maharana Pratap in high esteem, as his sacrifices were for the nation and faith, not for personal gain. However, the people of Congress, SP, and BSP obstructed the construction of Maharana Pratap’s statue in this region for two decades,” the CM said.
The Chief Minister remarked on the inability of previous governments before Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tenure, to facilitate the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya.
“Congress denied the existence of Ram in the Supreme Court. When Hanuman ji was fetching the Sanjeevani Booti, Kalnemi was chanting Ram’s name. In this election, individuals like ‘Kalnemi’ will approach you, chanting Ram’s name. However, a true patriot stands by the one who has actualized the construction of the Ram temple. You have witnessed our governance for a decade at the national level and seven years at the state level.”
He continued, “We have removed the mics and loudspeakers from which they used to shout and cause disturbances. Our country and our religion are our national pride. If they are secure, so are we.”
Advocating for ending casteism, communalism, and regionalism, he called for embracing a broader, inclusive identity. Encouraging support for leaders who have championed causes such as the construction of the Ram temple, the revocation of Article 370 in Kashmir, and the abolition of triple talaq, he outlined a vision for progress.
“The Chief Minister criticized past administrations, including Congress, SP, and BSP, for their lack of substantial development in Saharanpur. He revealed that the construction of a highway in the region had been halted due to corruption. Still, under the current leadership, progress has been made, with the completion of the highway bringing Delhi within a two-hour reach. Additionally, initiatives are underway to enhance infrastructure, including highways and railway networks, and transform Saharanpur into a smart city,” the release stated.
The Chief Minister also announced the commencement of sessions at the university named after Maa Shakambhari, with plans for its official inauguration post-elections.
Chief Minister Yogi expressed dismay over the transformation of Saharanpur, originally envisioned as the ‘Kashi of the West,’ into a centre of religious fanaticism, particularly in Deoband.
“He highlighted instances where ‘fatwas’ were issued on trivial matters, including directives on vaccine administration, fostering an environment conducive to chaos and disorder rather than development. Despite the region’s rich history of craftsmanship, artisans needed more support and recognition, resulting in missed opportunities for growth,” as per the release.
Furthermore, Yogi condemned the exploitation of farmers, citing low prices for agricultural produce and the sale of sugar mills to criminal elements at nominal rates.
Highlighting recent successes in combating organised crime, he noted that some mafia members are now behind bars while others have met their end.
He urged the public to reject caste-based organisations attempting to resuscitate dormant criminal networks, labelling them as parasitic entities detrimental to societal well-being. The Chief Minister emphasised the importance of persistent opposition to such divisive forces.
“The Chief Minister outlined decisive actions against the mafia in Prayagraj, highlighting efforts to seize their ill-gotten assets and repurpose the land for social welfare projects. Reclaimed land has been utilised to construct high-rise housing complexes for underprivileged residents. Underlining his administration’s commitment to grassroots engagement, the Chief Minister emphasised his frequent visits to Saharanpur over the past seven years, surpassing the historical precedents set by previous administrations,” the release said.
He cited significant strides in poverty alleviation, with the implementation of schemes ensuring free rations for approximately 80 crore impoverished individuals. Moreover, the Chief Minister underscored the government’s dedication to transparency and efficiency, exemplified by eliminating middlemen through the Jan Dhan account initiative.
He reiterated the government’s non-partisan approach, prioritising inclusive development for all citizens.
Several state government officials, including ministers Yogendra Upadhyay, Brajesh Singh, and Jaswant Saini, as well as BJP regional leaders Harendra Jatav and Sukhwinder Singh Som, attended the event

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