ANI Photo | “New higher education system will create a new India:” TN governor RN Ravi

Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi attended the Vice Chancellor’s conference in Ooty on Monday, a two-day conclave focused on research excellence, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
In his address, Governor Ravi said, “We should not wait for the next annual conference there should be your meeting at a smaller level and continue with this spirit of building a new higher education system for a new India, this should be our goal.”
Reflecting on India’s educational challenges, he remarked, “The country which was far behind has left us far behind. If we continue like this, we have no future.”
Governor Ravi highlighted the historical context and progress with time and said that with time state university’s conditions are improved.
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“A country which, At the time of independence despite all the exploitation by the colonial parts we were the sixth largest economy in the world. In the subsequent 6 decades we were reduced to the 11th economy. Fortunately, with new initiatives coming, we have become the 5th largest and we are very hopeful that in the next years, we will be the 3rd. We have lost a lot of time bez we have been following the education system which was largely bequeathed to us by the colonial rulers,” Ravi said.
This conference marks the third such conclave of university leaders in Tamil Nadu.
Ravi explained, “When I came in 2021, and as chancellor when I started looking at the working of the universities I was disappointed that our universities were mostly working in isolation. I am talking about state universities largely. Each university was struggling with its problem and there was a strange lack of communication among these institutions. And that’s why we thought that at least once a year we should have a get-together of all the eminent leaders of higher education. Because this is how knowledge prospers we prosper,” Ravi said.
Earlier on February 23, speaking on the cultural unity of India, RN Ravi said that Bharat is a cultural and civilizational evolution. He was speaking at an event organised to celebrate the foundation day of Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram here.
“About 600 years back a great person from Kamrup in present-day Assam Maha Purushankar Dev at the age of 30 came all the way to Rameshwaram. He came to Kanchipuram and then went to Kashi and then returned to Assam. He then wrote a poem, ‘Dhanya Dhanya Bharat Bhoomi’… People have been moving from one part to another living here, living there as a family. This is precisely what Bharat is,” Governor RN Ravi said.
“Bharat is a cultural and civilizational evolution. This sense of familyhood is what makes this country Bharat,” he added

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