ANI Photo | RK Singh illuminated the country, dispelling the darkness of RJD: Yogi

When Arrah helped RK Singh win the elections, he dispelled the darkness of the RJD, brought electricity to many areas, and illuminated the entire country, said Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Tuesday.
Addressing a public meeting at Pariya Sports Ground in Bhojpur in support of union minister and BJP candidate RK Singh, Yogi said, “Under RK Singh’s leadership, electricity reached 120,000 villages in Uttar Pradesh, and free electricity connections were provided to 15.3 million poor households. Today, Uttar Pradesh enjoys 24-hour electricity. Arrah elected RK Singh as their MP, and each vote contributed to this success.”
RK Singh is executing Prime Minister Modi’s campaign, mission, and vision across the nation, bringing recognition to both Bihar and Arrah. When the public makes wise decisions, the outcomes are positive.
“In the last seven years, there has been no curfew, and the situation in UP has remained stable. We have embraced Lord Ram’s resolve, and now extortion is a thing of the past in UP. The Mafia’s dominance has ended, and any threat to a businessman and daughter is swiftly dealt with,” Yogi remarked.
“However, the alliance between the RJD and Congress in Bihar is once again allowing Naxalites to threaten your security. Do not let this continue,” he added.
CM Yogi also greeted the people of Arrah in the local Bhojpuri language to connect with them.
CM Yogi remarked, “When we think of Arrah, 1857 comes to mind. At the age of 80, the brave Babu Kunwar Singh defeated the British and liberated the area up to Azamgarh.”
He stated further: “RK Singh was just 20 when he became an IPS officer. By the time he married, he had already become an IAS officer. As a son-in-law and native of Arrah, he has significantly enhanced the prestige of this region through his various roles in the administrative service.”
He added, “His tenure as the Home Secretary of India was exemplary. I have closely observed his work over the past five years.” The CM urged people to extend their support to guarantee his resounding victory.
The Chief Minister stated, “We have witnessed a transforming India since 2014. Before 2014, the country faced an identity crisis under Congress and RJD rule in Bihar. However, post-2014, India has gained global respect. Terrorism and Naxalism have been curtailed, and with strong leadership, our enemies remain subdued. Infrastructure has dramatically improved, with expressways, single-lane, four-lane, and 12-lane highways being constructed.”
He added, “Arrah’s railway station is being upgraded to resemble an airport. In pre-2014 India, the poor often died of hunger, but today, 800 million people receive free rations. Under Modi ji’s leadership, there is development, respect, security, and welfare for low-income people.”
Taking a strong critique of the opposition, the CM said, “Congress and RJD had betrayed the country, Bihar, and Sanatan Dharma whenever they had the chance. They rely on your vote, but they only care about their own families once in power. Lalu ji cannot think beyond his kin. While communists are being eradicated worldwide, including in Bengal, a Naxalite has been nominated as a candidate here, posing a threat to your safety and aiming to create chaos.”
He added, “The manifesto of the Indi alliance suggests that if they come to power, they will implement personal laws, forcing women to hide at home in burqas and reinstating the regressive practice of triple talaq. Congress and RJD are acting against the interests of half the population.”
Yogi stated, “The BJP will not allow the Shariyat law to be implemented in India. Lalu Ji has promised to give OBC reservations to Muslims. The Kolkata High Court has already overturned the Trinamool Congress’ decision, ruling that reservation cannot be granted to Muslims based on religion. Despite this, they continue to deceive the country. They exploit caste divisions to fragment society, then promise to give Muslims a share of what belongs to others. In Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, they have already granted reservations to Muslims, demonstrating their disregard for fairness.”
CM Yogi stated that this election is crucial for saving the country. He noted, “Indira Gandhi had promised to eradicate poverty, and now, 54 years later, her grandson is making the same promise. Rahul Gandhi has proposed imposing an inheritance tax after assessing properties, which means that RJD and Congress will take half of your ancestral property and give it to infiltrating Muslims from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. The country will not stand for this.”
He added, “The spirit of Aurangzeb, who imposed the Jizya tax on Hindus, seems to have possessed Congress and RJD…” (ANI)

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