Adil Hussain with a co-actor in Nirvana Inn

‘Nirvana Inn’ is probably the first Hindi language film where Adil Hussain plays the role of an Assamese. The psychological horror drama which is set in Majuli and Manali, will be digitally premiered on December 11 for 99 hours.

Directed by Vijay Jayapal, the film which also stars Rajshri Deshpande and Sandhya Mridul, follows the story of a boatman who becomes the caretaker of a Himalayan resort after an attempted suicide.

Boatman Jogiraj Chakraborthy played by Adil Hussain acts on his suicidal thoughts and capsizes his vessel mid-journey, killing every passenger on board. Months later, he signs up to be the caretaker of Himalayan resort Nirvana Inn, only to find that the guests who check in are the very people he presumed dead.

It has been produced by Stray Factory, Uncombed Buddha, Stop Whinging and Harman Ventures in association with Magic Hour Films.

‘Nirvana Inn’ will be available online on pay-per-view digital platform Cinemapreneur for 99 hours from December 11 onwards.

“Nirvana Inn has a very unique narrative. We hardly see this style in Indian cinema. I loved how the reality of my role easily slips into a nightmarish vision. It’s an intelligently done film,” says Adil.

Praising the director Jayapal, Adil said that the director has lot to offer to Indian cinema.

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“I never played a role of this kind. I hope he (Jayapal) gets what he really wants to,” Adil added.

Having been selected by Busan’s Asian Project Market, Nirvana Inn’s post production was done with Asian Cinema Fund from the Busan Film Festival.

Decision to choose Majuli in Nirvana Inn

Though initially, the director wanted to shoot in Kerala, later he decided to go with Majuli.

“Actually it was Adil Da who introduced me to the dance form of Bhaona and this beautiful place called Majuli. Once I research about the place and the dance form, I found them very fascinating. Especially the usage of masks in Bhaona really intrigued me and also nicely fit into the story that I was trying to tell,” Chennai-based Jayapal told The News Mill.

The director further shared his experience shooting in the culturally rich river island.

“We shot for three days in Majuli and it was a fantastic experience. We had a great local crew from Majuli and Jorhat. They were great to work with. We were shooting in January and the weather was pleasantly cold,” Jayapal added.

On choosing Adil Hussain in the lead, the writer-director said: “The first name that came to my mind after writing the script was Adil da. He’s a world class actor and was a real honour to work with him on this film. Though he’s has done a lot of Hindi films, I think this is perhaps one of the first Hindi films where he has played a role with an Assamese background. He is the lifeline of this film.”

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Adil Hussain won the best actor award for his role of  Jogiraj Chakraborthy at IndoGerman Filmweek in October this year.

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