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Annual Guwahati Foodie meet-up discusses food scene in the city

A group of around 50 food lovers, under the banner of Guwahati Foodie, met and discussed about recipes, culinary practices, restaurants and life in Guwahati at a city pub on Sunday afternoon.

Guwahati Foodie, a 61,000-strong Facebook community of food lovers from the region, organized the annual foodie meet at The Socialite situated at Christian Basti in Guwahati.

“It feels great to have a community of more than 60,000 members! We discuss anything and everything about food in the community. Every year we organize this meet-and-greet session so that we can take the digital conversation to a one-to-one bonding,” said Sisir Kumar, an avid foodie and food critic besides being the administrator of the Facebook group Guwahati Foodie.

The meet on Sunday, which was open to the group members, witnessed discussions on the food scenario of the city, the new hangout destinations and nightlife in the gateway to the Northeast. The best part was people sharing their memorable stories relating to food.

“We all love eating…we love sharing the photographs of the beautiful dishes that we cook at home, we love sharing information about the places where we can get great food…we love interactions on food, and over food. This meet-up is an extension of the same,” Sisir added.

The meet-up was supported by the Dighalipukhuri franchise of Virat Kohli’s gym chain Chisel, food delivery service in Guwahati Pick-n-Del and Pro6 Associates (Photography).

Talking about future plans, Sisir added that the group is planning to host a New Year picnic soon and similar events in near future. “We are discussing about a picnic very soon. Hope this meet-up will give a positive push towards the same,” he said.

Food blogger/critic Pristisha Borthakur, who was present on the occasion said, “The food on offer at the meet was just awesome. It’s fun to interact with foodies from different places. Kudos to Guwahati Foodie for organizing such a meet.”

RJ Subhankar added, “We belong to an industry where interaction with people is essential and this kind of event actually helps in bringing out opinions from the people. Loved the crowd, ambience and the food.”

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