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Assam panchayat elections: Re-poll at two polling stations in Sivasagar

The Assam State Election Commission directed fresh poll for two polling stations under Sivasagar election district – No 84 Kukurachua LP School and No 89 Purani Lunpuria LP School under No 13 Dupdor ZPC – on December 7 from 7 am to 3 pm.

The commission viewed that the polling done on December 5 at the two polling stations “was vitiated to such an extent that results of the poll there could not be ascertained”.

The re-polling was ordered following the report of the deputy commissioner, Sivasagar recommending fresh poll for the polling stations on the grounds that some ballot papers of other polling stations were used by the electors in these two polling stations.

The order was also issued in pursuance of the communication made by the election observer for Sivasagar recommending fresh poll for the polling stations.

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