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Assamese film Calendar continues for 4th week

Small budget Assamese film ‘Calendar’ has proved the trend wrong as it set to run in the theatres for the fourth consecutive weeks. This is a rare development when Assamese films are concerned.

Director Himjyoti Talukdar said that making small budget films can be a survival startegy for regional films.

The film which depicts human relationships was released on February 16 in 20 theatres across the state.

“We are so happy to be completing the third week and going for the fourth week. What can I ask for more as a filmmaker? The response has been overwhelmed. This is a good sign not for Calendar but for Assamese film as a whole,” director Himjyoti Talukdar told The News Mill.

The film features veteran actors like Malaya Goswami and Arun Nath besides several youngsters. The total budget of the film was around Rs 15 lakh including the publicity cost.

“I’m sure of recovering the money. After the theatres we are also planning some paid screenings in several places across the state – in some colleges and other centres. Besides we are planning similar screenings in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and other places where we have Assamese population,” added Talukdar.

The director also opined that in the crisis hour of Assamese films, similar small budget films can lead towards a new direction. Besides, the film unit which comprises young faces has done extensive digital campaigning.

“We didn’t have much budget for the publicity. We could spend mere Rs 1 lakh or so. But our team did a splendid job by promoting the film in social media and other digital platforms. Besides, I believe, if it can be marketed properly and the content is good, people will definitely watch films,” said Talukdar.

In the recent times, Assamese filmmakers have suffered a lot when their films are removed from the screens just after a week. Only Zubeen Garg’s film ‘Mission China’ could run in the theaters and been able to draw good number of viewers.

Another film ‘Xhoixobote Dhemalite’ by Bidyut Kotoky was removed in the first week itself to accommodate Bollywood films.

“To run in the theatres for more than two weeks is a good sign for Assamese films. Though the film doesn’t have big names involved, it’s quality has attracted the crowd,” said Bhaskar Sharma, a cinemagoer.

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