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This Assamese folkatronic music video takes you on a breathtaking journey

Hues oblivion folkatronic music video – The News Mill

Breaking the mediocre Youtube clutter, an Assamese ‘Folkatronic’ music video has raised expectations. Oblivion by Hues has gathered more than 8,000 views in 48 hours as the beautifully shot music video – powered by peppy music – takes the viewers on an amazing musical ride.

The music video, equipped with beautiful rendition of Assamese folk music, is pleasing to the eyes. “Oblivion is an attempt to narrate the same story both aurally and visually. In this case, story of a place and a person. The story, of course, is two-fold – the first being the real beauty of Assam, its culture and tradition, its people and food. The second story being an individual in the state of ‘oblivion’, coming out of it through his loyal love for his homeland, and search for its surreal music,” says the team introducing the music video.

Oblivion is a track of a duo project named Hues comprising Vivek Bardhan and Anurag Baruah. “We collaborated with a few people while making the audio and the video,” said Vivek Bardhan.

“We attempted an amalgamation of folk, classical, rock and electronic, which has by far been criticized and questioned upon. We have tried to display the best possible rendition and harmony of all these different types of genres, and have tried to end the stereotypical notion of it being a failure,” he added.

Music credits:

  • Composed, Arranged, Mixed and Mastered – Vivek Bardhan.
  • Vocals & Tabla – Anurag Baruah.
  • Dhol & Pepa – Bhintu Deori.
  • Guitar – Alakesh Baruah.

Video credits:

  • Creative Director – Krrishna Kt. Borah.
  • DOP – Enosh Olivera.
  • Editor – Rahul Basak
  • Art – Deepak Sivan