Man-elephant conflict: A long battle awaits villagers in Numaligarh

Over the years, in many places of Assam it is like a do-or-die situation for hundreds of villagers as well as elephants – for their survival. With frequent elephant raids, beleaguered villagers in Upper Assam’s Numaligarh are taking extreme steps to fight elephant menace, even risking their lives and making situations dangerous for both. The situation this time […]

ULFA’s whispering revolution with Bangladeshi Assamese singer Mac Haque

ULFA’s history can be challenged, debated but cannot be re-written or over-looked till Assamese society cease to exist. History throws light on both the good and dark side and thus a lesson can always be learnt from it, following which the future generation can take careful and measured steps to move forward while trying to represent their society […]