Cycling through the cocooned streets of Majuli river island

Majuli was described by renowned mask artist Hem Chandra Goswami as Ma – Ma Lakshmi and Juli – Bhoral or food storage. Majuli in Assamese means anything which is in-between. Regarded as the largest river island in the world, the vibrant 540 sq km of land surrounded by River Brahmaputra, is battling survival due to […]

Getting the first Bicycle Mayor of the City of Guwahati on Earth Day

I have been cycling in Guwahati since 2014 and have always had the confidence among the citizens of this city that cyclists will grow in numbers, especially daily commuters and it is indeed heartening to note that people are taking up cycling in large numbers in-spite of the fact that the city traffic does not […]

Guwahati should adopt cycling to ease traffic and health woes

Thinking locally to align ourselves to world sustainability model is of supreme significance for the human race today. By the end of 2030, the model suggests that we should do away with fossil fuel usage from our day-to-day commuting and emphasize on renewable energy source. This is the time when human race should migrate from […]