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Cachar district admin seeks help of religious leaders to stop COVID-19 spread

As number of COVID-19 cases without any travel history increase in the district, Cachar Deputy Commissioner Keerthi Jalli on July 22 made an impassioned plea to religious leaders of all faiths to join forces and focus on the common battle to defeat COVID-19, underscoring that it is time to rise in unison during the unprecedented times.

Convening a meeting with religious leaders of all faiths at her office, Jalli said they can play a pivotal role in spreading the message of COVID-19 guidelines to the adherents of their faiths to arrest the spread of the disease.

Jalli urged the religious leaders to strictly adhere to the government guidelines of not more than 20 persons inside places of worship within the stipulated one hour time and not to allow assembling of people during religious events.

The deputy commissioner said the religious leaders can prevail upon their followers to pray at home during the difficult times and not to congregate at temples, mosques, churches and other places of worship to prevent further spread of the disease.

She said to ensure sanitisation of the premises and to maintain a register with details of the persons visiting the places of worship for the purpose of contact tracing in case of anyone being detected with COVID-19 positive, while also appealing them not to allow anyone to enter the places of worship without wearing masks.

The deputy commissioner told them that the administration would be forced to take punitive action if anyone violated the SoP of the government.

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