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Chakma body condemns disallowing Chakma candidates from APPSC

Chakma National Council on Saturday condemned the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission’s (APPSC) removal of four eligible Chakma candidates from the state civil service exam as “the highest form of racial discrimination” and a “gross” human rights violation, warning of legal options if this was not remedied.

The APPSC on Saturday struck down the candidatures of four Chakma applicants, who had reportedly qualified to appear for the preliminary round of the Arunachal Pradesh Service Combined Competitive Examinations (APPSCCE), 2017.

The development comes at a time when the Chakmas living in Arunachal Pradesh are demanding implementation of the Supreme Court instruction to grant them citizenship – which is opposed by several local organizations, including the political leadership.

Chakma National Council of India national vice president Prahlad Chakma said that under no circumstances, could the four Chakma candidates be barred or deprived of competing in the APPSCCE, 2017, “as they are Indian citizen by all means and by birth”.

CNCI Assam committee chief Dangu Sambhu Dhan Chakma said that they will approach courts if this “gross injustice” persists, citing a Delhi high court order that Chakmas born in India are citizens by birth under Section 3(1)(a) of the Citizenship Act. The removal of names of Chakma candidates “on the ground that their citizenship status is under consideration” was “a blatant violation of rule of law and a deliberate attempt to keep the Chakma youths in a state of misery”, he added.

Ruing that the APPSC seems to operate “based on the whimsical mercy” of the All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union, he urged it to “stop selfishly fanning baseless hatred towards the innocent Chakma community by means of irrational rhetoric and hate-mongering against a helpless and deprived community”.

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