Thinking locally to align ourselves to world sustainability model is of supreme significance for the human race today. By the end of 2030, the model suggests that we should do away with fossil fuel usage from our day-to-day commuting and emphasize on renewable energy source.

This is the time when human race should migrate from using mechanical to biological engines. We should start thinking of conserving all the resources which are on the verge of vanishing from earth and utilization in its most optimum level possible.

As we understand that nature will take care of itself, whether human race exists or they don’t. Now it’s in the interest of the mankind and its sustainability that we start going back to the basics. We collaborate more with the ways and means of nature rather than trying to harness the same. It is a myth that we know about nature and what it conceals up its sleeves. Mother earth is the biggest magician and its tricks are not in our control to harness. However and whichever way we try to control, it will find its own way. But in the process human race is losing the ease of living on this earth.

Indiscriminate cutting of trees in the name of development, building dams across rivers etc. are all great measures for economic sustainability; but have we given enough thought as how the places for human habitat is going to remain non-toxic, how our drinking water is going to be arsenic free, how to sustain the water bodies, how to make a nation which is healthy to take up all challenges.

Our cities are getting clogged. Everyone wants a space in the central business district. This has resulted in extreme shortage of the per capita resource availability.

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To bring back the attention to our own city of Guwahati which is relatively small in size (215 sq kms approximately) and the center of the city can be well reached at a maximum travelling distance of 12 to 14 kms, we should develop the habit of cycling to cover smaller distances and that will be a great support for the sustainability of our own city.

All these years, I have been trying hard to understand as what is that psychology of human that has transformed the whole race to look forward to luxuries which are mostly against their own well-being.

We all know that carbon and lead emission is by far the most damaging for human body and still we want to buy bigger vehicles which emit toxic gases and particles. In certain cases, the particles are so micro sized that it can permeate the blood cells and results in carcinogenic cell growth.

By far the understanding should be that if we can have a source of commuting which improves our health and is also environment friendly, why not to use it. It’s time to understand the basics of life. Anything ornamental doesn’t suit the sustainability of whatever has been created by nature.

Let us all understand that we are all part of this nature and our existence have not been initiated in a factory. It has been created in nature and the process has not been replaced by robot as yet.

Looking from the economic perspective how use of cycling can help the country to grow; the country will save on health bill which is at the tune of 4.7% of the total budget. There will be phenomenal growth in the health of individuals and India can have energetic work force with more productivity. It’s an established fact that cycling has improved the mental health of people. Great mental health is the primary requirement of a nation’s character building. There will be less depression and people become more competent.

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These are only a few good reasons for which we should cycle and there are many such supreme benefits. Just a small and humble start will lead to a revolution. The days will not be far when we will attract much more tourist footfall than any other city of this country. Let us be the pioneer.

Guwahati Cycle Tour as an organization has understood the fun and heath quotient of cycling. We are keen to share the experience with everyone in the city. We have decided that we will initiate a cycling awareness ride and what could be a better day than Independence Day, the day when we got freedom from the clutches of British rule and now it’s time to get freedom from pollution and poor health.

Freedom Ride 2017, to be held on August 15, is an initiative by Guwahati Cycle Tour and was conceptualized to bring about awareness among the citizens of Guwahati about the requirement of cycling lane in Guwahati and how to improve safety for the cyclist. We want everyone to be healthy and everyone to be fit. Let’s pledge for a better and fitter Guwahati.

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