Lockdown tips: Five ways to find solace in confined space

With the present COVID-19 situation, we have come to a phase where we are moving on with our lives in boredom between four walls. We lack motivation to look forward to something new each day; go through frequent mood swings; consist of physical, mental and emotional issues and the only thing which excites us is the OTT platforms installed in our smartphones. This can result in physical and mental health problems in the long run.

Here are 5 ways to find solace in confined spaces to keep your mind, body and soul healthy and happy:

1. Control your thoughts

Your thoughts can be your greatest friend or enemy. On an average, we have 2,500 – 3,300 thoughts per hour. Now, it is not possible to control all your thoughts but you can start small and you will be able to control your flow of thoughts in no time. Don’t let your thoughts control you, instead you control your thoughts.

2. Explore new platform

We have come to an era where everything is online and new e-learning opportunities have come up. Be fearless and reach out to new platforms like online yoga classes or online internships through webinars and other social platforms. Don’t be afraid to take the first step, new opportunities wait.

3. Plan your goal

As a human being, we want to make quick decisions and get faster results. It is only possible if you have a goal and a plan. In order to achieve your goal, don’t forget to do your research and organise your plan effectively.  Everything starts with an idea.

4. Act on the plan

Keeping an amazing idea to oneself and not putting it into action does not give you the desired result. The idea’s ideology itself is to pass on from a person-to-person and it can only happen if we act on the plan. Until then, it is just a thought if we don’t act on the plan.

5. Consistency

Long term success requires consistency with addition to updated plans and influence. With time and effort to develop skill and knowledge, it not only keeps you active but provides more future job opportunities.

Remember, only you can bring solace in your life during such tough times. Don’t wait for your comfort zone to affect your long term needs in exchange for short-term desires. Instead, get out of your bed and change yourself for your better tomorrow.

About Passang Droma


Passang Droma, from Arunachal Pradesh, is a freelance writer, currently pursuing Business Administration from Royal Global University in Guwahati.


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