Noted singer Angaraag Papon Mahanta has shown his unhappiness with the government and the national media over the Assam floods and said that loss of human and animal life does not make headlines unless it is dramatic.

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Papon on Tuesday night took to Twitter to write: “People dying like nobody’s business in Assam floods every year! This year is (maybe) even worse! It’s so sad the government can’t plan better!”

“Kids becoming orphans, parents watching their kids die, wild animals helplessly dying, 13 lakh people affected! We just wait praying!” he added.

The popular singer also said that floods have caused over 40 deaths and affected 16 lakh people so far as the gushing waters of the Brahmaputra river and its tributaries brought 23 districts under water.

“Loss of human and animal life doesn’t make news in national media unless it’s dramatic! By the way 40 deaths (human) and 16 lakh people affected so far in Assam floods 2017,” he tweeted.

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