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May take another 7 weeks to kill Baghjan blowout, says Oil India Limited

Oil India Limited on October 1 said that it might take another one and half month to control the oil well completely at Baghjan in Assam’s Tinsukia district.

The blowout site at Baghjan erupted into massive fire on June 9 following leakage of condensate and gas on May 27.

Oil India Limited (OIL), which operates the oil well, said that it is expected that the snubbing operation may require six to seven weeks to kill the well.

More experts from Canada are likely to reach the site in the next few days.

“The snubbing unit of M/s Alert is expected to reach Baghjan within the next few weeks from Alberta, Canada. Presently four members of M/s Alert are supervising the operations at Baghjan and making necessary preparatory arrangements for carrying out the snubbing operation,” OIL spokesperson Tridiv Hazarika told The News Mill.

He said once the experts arrive, the killing operation will begin.

In the meantime, the diversion of flow of gas from the blowout well to nearby Early Production Setup (EPS) and a flare pit is stable with all operating parameters within limits and all safety measures in place.

“Maintenance of equipment is being carried out regularly to ensure reliability,” Hazarika added.

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