Influencers Kili Paul and Neema Paul

Video: Tanzanian influencer Kili Paul grooves to Assamese song ‘Bidur Bhai’

Tanzanian content creator Kili Paul, who is known for posting videos of lip-syncing Bollywood songs along with his sister on social media, has now posted a video grooving to the Assamese song “Bidur Bhai”.

The viral video, published on YouTube, is addressed to his “Assamese fans” and featured his sister Neema Paul. The duo danced to the catchy beats of “Bidur Bhai”. The influencer duo performed Bihu steps to the song sung by Achurjya Borpatra.

Watch the video here:

Known for lip-syncing and dancing videos on Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts, Kili Paul and his sister Neema Paul are most-loved in India for featuring Bollywood songs in their videos.

In February 2022, prime minister Narendra Modi, in one of his Mann Ki Baat episodes, commended both Kili Paul and Neema Paul for their love of Indian music.

“I laud Kili and Neema, the siblings from Tanzania who sang our national anthem to celebrate India’s 73rd Republic Day. They were also recently honoured by High Commission of India,” Modi said in his monthly ‘Mann ki Baat’ address.

“The diversity of Indian music is enthralling, if Kili Paul and Neema Paul can take our heritage to Tanzania, so can the youth of our nation by bringing back our ‘Azadi Ke Geet’ in their own way in various dialects and languages to celebrate the essence of India,” he had said.