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Not in favour of 4-day Tests, should not tinker Test cricket: Kohli

Indian captain Virat Kohli on January 4 strongly opposed the idea of four-day Test and said that the format should not be tinkered with.

“When I was asked about the 100-ball format, I said I am not going to go and try myself in another format when already so much is going on. With the Test cricket, I think the day-night cricket is the most that should be changed, according to me. If you are only saying about the numbers and entertainment, I think the intent will not be right. Then you will speak of three-day Test. Where do you end? Then the Test cricket disappearing,” Kohli said ahead of the year’s first series that starts with Sri Lanka in Guwahati.

India plays against the Lankan side on Sunday at the Assam Cricket Association (ACA) stadium in Guwahati in the first T20 international of the New Year.

“I don’t endorse it at all. It’s not fair to the fairest format of the game. I think it shouldn’t be altered. Test matches are the highest format of tests at the international level. Day-night is another step of commercializing Test cricket and creating excitement around it but it can’t be tinkered too much,” he added.

Some of the top players around the globe have ridiculed the idea of reducing Test cricket in a bid to make it more popular among the public.

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