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PM Modi targets Congress on NRC in Assam

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday slammed the Congress for opposing the National Register of Citizens (NRC), saying they cannot claim partial credit as former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had accepted it in the Assam Accord.

In his address to the Rajya Sabha over President’s motion of thanks, Modi said, “The Congress wants to claim credit for their contribution in the past. They want votes, they want credits, but they will tell only the half story.”

“Please be reminded that it was Rajiv Gandhi, who first agreed to the NRC in Assam accord. The Supreme Court intervened and asked us to implement it,” he said.

The prime minister said for the BJP, it was not a political issue. “We will implement it with complete sincerity. We are committed to implementing the NRC which was decided during that time in the national interest. Unity, integrity and prosperous future of the country is related to NRC,” he said.

In his address to the joint sitting of Parliament, President Ram Nath Kovind had said the Centre has decided to implement the NRC on a priority basis in areas affected by infiltration.

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