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Xatras and Namghars should act as centres of learning: Assam governor

Assam governor Banwarilal Purohit said that Xatras and Namghars, besides being centres of offering pujas and religious preaching, should also act as centres for imparting social, cultural and spiritual education to the youth.

Attending a religious discourse programme in Maniari Mahapurushiya Xatra in Kamrup district on the occasion of 528 birth anniversary of Mahapurush Madhabdev on June 18, the governor said that the Xatras and Namghars which were set up to practice and propagate the teachings of Mahapurush Sankardev and Madhabdev must transform themselves into centres of intellectual stimulations.

The governor also said that Mahapurush Sankardev and Madhabdev worked for social transformation by discouraging superstitious practices like caste discrimination. They also worked against social darkness and propagated for a classless society. Buoyed by the teachings of the two saints, the Xatras should act as catalyst for social transformation and should set agenda for the society to discourage social dogmas. He also called upon the Xatradhikars of different Xatras to work for empowerment of women and other weaker sections of the society.

Purohit also called upon the people to emulate the teachings of Mahapurush Sankardev and Madhabdev and create a deterrent against corruption and social and economic evils.

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