Partner with us – Opinion Pieces

Opinions are varied and beautiful. Opinions open the doors for discussion. It leads to mutual understanding and more so understanding a situation better.

We at The News Mill welcome writers, columnists, students and citizens to express their opinion on any topic and contribute to our Opinions section.

We at The News Mill believe in sharing experience and expertise…and with that in mind, we are inviting all of our amazing readers to guest blog for us. The topics – of your choice – that will highlight your passion for the subject, that will give us another perspective…that will help us learn.

Best practices for guest blogging:

1.  Remember the audience. At The News Mill, the primary audience is interested to know about the Northeast part of India or anything that concerns them. We would love to have guest blogs that revolves around the same.

2.  Focus on content, never self-promotion. The goal of the post should always be to meet a need for your reader: give them something of real value and they will come back for more.

3.  Include a brief bio that highlights the work you do. Share your bio along with your contact information (like email, Facebook or Twitter handles) with us and we will do the rest.

4.  Promote the post on your own blog and social media once it’s published. Spreading the word will help promote your own article as well as the host website.

Have an idea for a blog post? Email us at [email protected]

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