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Meet Deso Barman, 15-year-old professional YouTuber from Silchar

For this teenager from Silchar in Assam, YouTube has doubled up as a recreational and profession tool. Deso Barman, a 10th grade student of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Silchar has chosen YouTube to express himself and voice out opinion on various social issues.

Since starting as a teenager uploading his thoughts, Deso has been able to gather deep interest among his followers and now is seen doing skits and thought-provoking videos, with thousands of views, on various social issues.

“I always try to impart the things I am passionate about. I always make sure and try to make my contents relatable and useful for my viewers,” he said in an interaction with The News Mill. Deso added that he don’t restrict himself to a theme. “I guess I am not a category because till now I had made more than 41 videos about Northeast India, food recipes, about myself, video reaction, brand reviews and much more. I always have zest of trying new things in life. It’s better to be who you are, unapologetically, and hence I am not a category,” he added.

Brand reviews? Yes, Deso, while is just 15-year-old, through his unique style of presentation has been able to gather good interest among his followers thereby becoming a part of various brand campaigns.

“Yes! I do make money out of my YouTube channel. I am just getting started. There are multiple ways to earn money…from Google AdSense, by making sponsored videos and many more… When I started, it wasn’t for money… I was just exploring different platforms and finally landed in YouTube,” he said.

Giving a few tips to the budding professionals, the young YouTuber said that one should focus on three things to establish a successful channel – content, consistency and realness. “I always believe in these three mantras…To talk practically, we need some good lighting equipments, good camera, good editor, etc. But I believe that if anyone wants to become a YouTuber than she/he can start from a mobile phone…” Deso said, whose father is a civil engineer and mother is a homemaker.

“I am from a middle class family and I am proud of it. Because, if it would have been otherwise, I would not have been so grateful about the small things… For me the little things matters most. My parents never forced me to focus on education more and stop making videos. They believe that I should learn and explore more in life. They are supportive with the things I am passionate about. My sister is a young entrepreneur. She is doing something which is totally out of the education curriculum and I am proud of her. My parents always give us the space to do the things we like or to experiment them,” he said.

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