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Mizo people stranded across the country are facing hardships: Mizoram MP

Lok Sabha MP from Mizoram, C Lalrosanga, has said that more than 400 from the state are stranded at different corners of the country and are facing hardships due to the ongoing nationwide lockdown to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lalrosanga said the state government is collecting list of the stranded people and so far names of more than 400 people have been collected from across the country.

According to Lalrosnaga, he received many distress calls from students and those who work in private companies, beauty parlour and spa.

“In some places, the Mizo people are taunted and called Coronavirus,” he added. He said the stranded people are students, private employees, patients and their attendants.

He also said the stranded people could not step out of their apartment to buy essential commodities for fear of racist attack. Many stranded people, including students, began to face food shortage as they could not return and receive financial help from their families due to the ongoing nation-wide lockdown.

Earlier, the state government had asked people from Mizoram, stranded at various places in the country, to stay where they are. The government had also said it would make efforts to provide accommodation to them at Mizoram Houses.

Meanwhile, Mizoram home minister Lalchamliana said the government has not decided on any plan to take back the stranded people due to the ongoing lockdown. “We are closely monitoring them. But we are unable to do anything because all flights and trains are suspended now due to the 21-days nationwide lockdown,” he said.

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