Trending: Itanagar goes crowd-sourcing to book traffic violators

It’s trending everywhere! Sample this: I posted three traffic violation photographs a few days back in this group…Thinking I will get some recognition, one post had my selfie as well… Today, I received three chalans – for using mobile while driving (taking photos 😉) and one for driving without seat belt (my quest to take a better selfie!!!). Seems I got hit back!

Yes, traffic in Arunachal Pradesh’s capital city of Itanagar is seeing a rapid change in the past few days. Some call it nuisance, some call it very temporary, but the people in Itanagar are now aware that the cameras are monitoring, 24×7 – literally.

E-governance got a major boost in Arunachal Pradesh when the police started a crowd-sourced traffic monitoring service through the use of social media.

The Arunachal Pradesh Police started a dedicated social media cell to monitor traffic and book violators in state capital Itanagar. A Facebook group – Let Us Fight Traffic Violators In Capital Complex, Itanagar – was setup to engage netizens to contribute photographs, videos and other information about traffic rules violation in Itanagar-Naharlagun.

Since the beginning of the exercise, the social media is abuzz with photos and videos of traffic violators – often clicking each other – to help the police book the violators.

The Northeast city has been facing notorious traffic since past few years. Bad roads, construction of the 4-lane National Highway, hilly terrain and lack of civic amenities like parking space and footpath have led to serious traffic jams in the twin cities of Itanagar and Naharlagun.

The initiative by newly appointed SP, Capital Complex Tumme Amo, has seen netizens participating in discussions to reduce traffic jams in the city, besides helping the police book violators.


“This group is a new concept to fight traffic violators in our capital complex. Since, it is not possible always to stop traffic violators on the roads to challan or impose fines on them, we have decided to shoot the violations with our mobile cameras and to post them on Facebook and other social media to deter them from violating traffic rules in future. Also we will summon them to police stations and courts in case of serious violations. We have today directed all police officers, traffic police and Itanagar traffic wardens(ITWs) to challan or impose fines on these violators or at least take pictures of their violations,” Capital Complex SP Tumme Amo wrote on the Facebook group, which was set up on June 8.

“Our main objectives are public awareness, education and self discipline,” he added.

The initiative bore fruits as more than 160 violators are booked till June 14 besides making people conscious of the traffic management system. Wrong parking, illegal overtaking, riding without helmet, overloading etc. were some of the violations that were notified by the netizens.

“Appreciate the efforts made by SP Capital Tumme Amo, for improving the traffic congestion of twin capital,” wrote Yage Riram. “Strict laws should be enforced so that every vehicle owner wouldn’t dare to park haphazardly,” wrote Lukli Gadi.

In order to respond to the huge number of posts, the Arunachal Pradesh police appointed 4 traffic wardens. They were entrusted to monitor the social media posts from 8 am to 8 pm across 4 zones. The ITWs are noting the complaints, getting details of the registered owners, issue directions to concerned OCs or Naka parties to summon or seize or to take suitable actions. Besides this, they are also asked to post action-taken report on Facebook and WhatsApp.

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