New Delhi-based lawyer and an advocate of child rights, Eliza Rumthao who belongs to Ukhrul district in Manipur, recently launched a comprehensive handbook, “Legal handbook on Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act, 2012: A Guide to Handle Sexual Violence Cases of Children” at the Centre for North East Studies and Policy Research (CNESPR), Jamia Milia Islamia (JMI), New Delhi.

Speaking on the occasion, Eliza Rumthao said that according to a government survey, more than 50 per cent of the children in India are sexually abused. “The survey of the ministry of women-children development states that 53.22% of our children are sexually abused. Child sexual offense is a dark subject to discuss or talked about in our society. Sexual abuse is hidden and pervasive in nature because of the social stigma, shame and fear attached to the victim,” she said.

“The legal handbook is to help those survivors or parents who may have to go through the process of our criminal justice system,” she added.

The launch function was attended by director CNESPR at JMI Simi Malhotra and director at Sarojini Naidu Centre for Women Studies, JMI Sabiha Hussain.

A Collection Of Poems On Coping With Sexual Abuse

On the similar subject of sexual offense, a young poet from Manipur, Yuimi Vashum launched a collection of her poems that talks about “coping with sexual abuse as a kid, of falling in love, of heartbreaks” at the recently held International Literature and Art festival in Dehradun.

Yuimi Vashum – The News Mill

Titled ‘Love, Lust and Loyalty’, Yuimi Vashum weaved a brutally honest and yet stunningly soulful poem that will stir the emotion, and at the same time, make readers clench their fists with anger. And yet Vashum began her painful writing with words of ‘forgiveness’ that has liberated her from the monster she was trapped.

“I seek to speak for kids who had to endure the abuse in silence, because nobody said it was a crime and could seek help; no warnings. I also want this book to be a tool of awareness for parents. Through this book I want to communicate with victims of sexual abuse and emphasise that when we (victims) overcome shame, we are just like everyone else; entitled to love, lust and live,” Yuimi Vashum wrote about her book.

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