Promises made in the corridor of politics often get lost around the blind corners. These bamboo poles (photos attached) at a village in Assam, have been witness to one such promise for the last six years.

Getting brittle in the scorching sun, these bamboo poles have seen political regime change hands, promises renewed and the cruel fate remain the same.  Today, the poles have lost the last thread of hope of being connected to each other as Prime Minister Narendra Modi claims of 100% electrification of all villages in the country.

The bamboo poles were erected, with a promise to connect them with electricity wires – a promise that went haywire with PM Modi boasting stats that the whole of India is now ‘electrified’.

Assam Electricity Bluff 1 – The News Mill

Ironically, the poles stand proudly in the constituency of Assam state BJP president Ranjit Das. Electricity for more than 20 families in Peragaon of Sarbhog is a luxury and a distant hope. Promises were made here too. MLA Ranjit Das in 2012 assured that if the department fails, he shall ensure that electricity reaches them at his own expense. The Congress government was ruling the state then.

Six years have passed… the poles, now, are giving up standing in queue of endless wait. Probably, the best promises are the ones you can’t keep.

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