The beginning of the year is a great time to live up to those resolutions and gear up to get fit. While this may seem to be a pretty hard decision to many, let there be no doubt that fit is in and plain old dumb lifting is so passé.

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Combat sports or specifically Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is an emerging field in India, and the intense workout opportunities given by it makes it among one of the most attractive options. From exercise to personality boosting, Mixed Martial Arts today presents a unique option for those trying to veer off the beaten path. Its blend of action and high energy routine is thrilling and beneficial at the same time.

Bhabajeet Chaudhury is a name which needs no introduction to lovers of combat sports in our part of the world. He is one of India’s top MMA athletes. With regular appearances in SFL and other professional leagues, Bhabajeet is Northeast’s top draw and a feared name in the circuit. In his own words, here’s how MMA benefits you…

Strong Body

Mixed Martial Arts is the perfect vehicle for getting the most out of life – physically, mentally, and spiritually. The intense physical activity leads to greater release of endorphins, provides a full body workout and encourages a healthy diet. A great alternative workout regime to today’s lifestyle, MMA will make you feel stronger, nimbler, fitter, and healthier each day.

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Strong Mind

MMA is not only about rigorous physical activity but also enhances focus and concentration. Application of breathing techniques, meditation and a dedication to the principles of various martial arts not only develops technique on the mat, but also in life. MMA trains our body to become healthier and our mind to focus with pinpoint concentration.

Great Shape

With modern lifestyle becoming an essential part of our lives, getting in shape is getting difficult even with regular gymming. Unhealthy eating habits and food choices, stress, smoking, alcohol and drugs are making us weak and ill. Today, MMA is the most complete and effective workout regime present. A complete workout affects all aspects of your life and along with a great body, you get in great shape. MMA is not only for self-defence and getting fit, it makes you look good and eat healthy.

Confidence Booster

MMA requires huge patience and focus. With hours of practice perfecting our skills come a sense of accomplishment which grants us renewed self-esteem and confidence. While opening our limits, MMA pushes us to discover ourself, know our abilities and strengths. The self-confidence you gain while inside the cage or on the mat will carry you through class, work or life in general.

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Great Moral Values

For me, MMA is a passion and the greatest teacher in life. It gives me direction, a sense of purpose and instils the value of nationalism. With the physical rigours, the bonding that MMA teaches with fellow practitioners is a great lesson in moral values. The sense of responsibility leads us all to follow a positive lifestyle which allows us to give back to the society. It is a special honour to be a MMA artist. The strengths, traits and discipline we pick stay with us forever.

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