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In today’s world, it is no longer necessary for everyone to resume in an office every morning before tasks are completed. Many companies today employ services from remote individuals with skills. A lot of experts and even novices are rendering services from the comfort of their homes.

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So, what are those jobs you could do from your home? We have 5 examples of work you can do remotely below.

Call Centres

A lot of companies are in need of remote call centre agents. All you need to secure this kind of remote job is usually an experience in a previous call centre or customer service job. Your chances of securing this can also be increased if you speak more than one language.

You also have an advantage when you have provable knowledge of the industry you apply for. There are many industries in search of call centre agents. An example is the transportation industry. Transportation firms make use of call centres to pass information, cancellations and many more.


This is another popular example of jobs you can do remotely. We have numerous blogs, magazines, and websites in search of writers to provide content for them. There are many freelance websites where you can sign up and get these firms to contact you.

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An industry that constantly needs writers is the casino industry. As Indian Online Casinos are entering the market there is a shortage of experienced writers. New games and programs are being released and they need people to write about them.

Data Entry

This type of remote job includes inputting data into a firm’s database. The data inputted are usually gotten from audio or written files. Sometimes, they could be gotten in pictures or videos too. Remote data entry jobs are usually not full time. The firms in need of this service employ when there is so much data they can’t handle themselves.

The telecom industry, for example, regularly does data entry to store records of subscribers and customers in their database. This helps them to manage their billing system.

Online Education

Getting this kind of job will largely depend on your education and certifications. It also depends on experience. A lot of people may not be able to attend physical learning centres, because of distance and many other reasons. You can be hired to teach or tutor them from home through videos, texts or podcasts. You can also be hired as a professional to evaluate answers to exams, essays, etc.

The ed-tech industry is just one of the many industries that offer such remote jobs. In fact, the online education market in India is expected to grow about $1.96 billion by 2021. Getting a work in this section means that there will be plenty of jobs in the future.

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Social Media

Many firms are looking for masters of social media platforms to help them achieve their goals using social media. The advertising Industry offers jobs to social media specialists who can work from home. These social media specialist would not only advertise for clients but also manage pages, monitor performance and evaluate content.

There are numerous job openings for social media specialists right now on sites like Upwork.

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