Italy has suspended flight operations with Bangladesh over fake COVID-19-free certificates possessed by a number of Bangladeshis who arrived at the European country from Bangladesh recently.

Earlier, Japan, South Korea and China stopped air connection with Bangladesh over the same reason.

Meanwhile, Elite force ‘Rapid Action Battalion (RAB)’ in an investigation found the proof of issuing a lot of fake COVID-19 test reports from Regent Hospital in Dhaka.

Kazi Wahidul Alam, editor of The Monitor, air and tourism-related magazine of Bangladesh, said the countries and airlines, which have communication with Bangladesh, are keeping their close watch on what is happening on COVID-19 test in Bangladesh.

He told news agency UNI that if corruption and irregularity on the test persists, the country’s aviation sector may face a big jolt.

There has not been imposed any effective system for screening COVID-19 at Dhaka airport in the last six months, he observed.

Besides, the incident of carrying fake COVID-19 test reports from Bangladesh to Italy has been highlighted in the international media.

If the credibility on COVID-19 test is not restored, it may harm Bangladesh’s image abroad. When asked, Nasim Ferdous, a former diplomat, said Bangladesh may not be alienated from the world over the matter, but Bangladesh needs to deal with the fake certificate issue with iron hands.

Roksana Kibria, a professor of International Relations department of Dhaka University, said Bangladesh may not be fully alienated, but the country will face pressure over the irregularities being committed relating to COVID-19 test.

Aviation analyst Kazi Wahidul Alam observed that many countries through hard efforts are almost close to controlling COVID-19 situation in their countries. They will never allow creation of any problem in their countries by someone from other countries, he added.

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