Grandma tales are both enriching and entertaining. A unique video series of Burhi Aair Xadhu, called ‘Xadhukothar Kuki’, is enabling young audiences get a taste of Assamese folk tales and understand the beauty of simple storytelling.

Burhi Aair Xadhu, which roughly translates as grandma tales in Assamese, is unique because of its concept, narration and the underlying message that adds value to the experience. Web series, ‘Xadhukothar Kuki’, streaming on OTT platform Reeldrama, is an interesting collection of Assamese folktales. The series features fictional grandmother – played by Moni Bordoloi – who, in a very lucid manner, presents stories which the new generation kids can understand and relate to.

Director Sankalpajit, speaking on why he was excited to direct ‘Xadhukothar Kuki’ for Reeldrama, he said: “It was a nostalgic experience for me. When Reeldrama approached me with this idea, I grabbed the opportunity as I also wanted to preserve these stories and present our folktales in such a format that the new generation relates to the same and enjoys the enriching experience. This is an honest effort towards this.”

According to script writer Mousumi Kalita, folklores represent the identity of a community as it carries the culture and the thought process of a community and the place itself. “Xadhukothar Kuki is the collection of Assamese folklore which I have heard and read. In today’s digital and superfast life, folk stories are fading away from our children’s life. So, through this web series, we tried our best to collect a few of these stories and present in a new form through Reeldrama,” Kalita said.

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