Th Biswajit Singh with Biren Singh

There is no thumb rule that only Thongam Biswajit Singh has to sacrifice in BJP Manipur? Why can’t N Biren Singh sacrifice? Biswajit Singh is a four-time MLA from Thongju assembly constituency and consecutively elected as BJP MLA for the third term, making him the senior-most BJP MLA in Manipur.

While Biren Singh is a fifth time MLA from Heingang assembly constituency and consecutively elected as BJP MLA for the second time.

If central leaderships and the central observers examine the pulse of the people, the state party functionaries as well as the elected BJP MLAs, then Biswajit Singh will be the obvious choice for chief ministership in Manipur.

Biswajit’s role in bringing first BJP-led govt in 2017

Biswajit Singh started campaigning for BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi in 2013, believing in the ideology of BJP and trusting Modi’s clarion call for “Congress-free India”.  At that time, Biswajit was a Trinamool MLA. He was expelled by the party for supporting and working for Inner Lok Sabha candidate RK Ranjan Singh in 2014.

In 2015, Biswajit Singh along with his colleague Kh Joykishan won the by-poll, thus opening BJP’s account in Manipur. After a few months, Joykishan defected to Congress and Biswajit became the lone BJP MLA in Manipur.

He along with state party president, Th Chaoba Singh, Ksh Bhabhananda Singh worked hard to bring BJP government in Manipur. For this, Biswajit Singh powered the party by taking charge of general secretary (administration) post. Within two years, just ahead of the state assembly election in 2017, Biswajit Singh was able to bring several heavyweight leaders from Congress.

Prominent leaders like present caretaker CM N Biren Singh, Yumkham Irabot, Francis Ngajokpa joined the saffron party from the Congress camp.

He also roped in his colleague and junior leaders from the Trinamool Congress – H Dingo, Yumnam Radheshyam and several party functionaries to the BJP fold. Biswajit also groomed many young BJP leaders to challenge the incumbent Congress government. BJP was successful in defeating Okram Ibobi Singh’s 15-year-regime and the first BJP-led government formed in Manipur in 2017. BJP tally increased from a single seat to 21 seats.

Biswajit Singh’s fight against Congress

In 2016, Biswajit Singh along with his fellow MLA Kh Joykishan Singh were arrested and sent to judicial custody for protesting against the “maladministration” in the recruitment of Manipur Police personnel and succeeded in streamlining the recruitment process. BJP’s corruption-free Manipur was started by Biswajit.

Congress fortress began to fall from this incident. State plagued by corruption got a new leader in the form of Biswajit Singh.  BJP began to be trusted by the people and it paved the way for new Manipur.

Sacrifice by Biswajit in 2017 election

After getting 21 seats, BJP-led government came up in Manipur. The story behind how Biswajit Singh sacrificed the CM’s post doesn’t need further explanation. Despite having maximum supporters, Biswajit became the kingmaker and sacrificed for the sake of the party.

In 2022 election, BJP has secured 32 seats. Now, the question is who will be the next CM of Manipur. If going by the party ideology, Biswajit is the best choice for the CM this time.

The party’s motto of “nation first, party next and self last” must not be applicable to Biswajit along. When he can sacrifice in 2017, why can’t Biren Singh sacrifice in 2022.

Biren Singh should acknowledge the contribution and sacrifice of his colleague and happily work with Biswajit Singh in command for the next 5 years.

Views expressed by the author are his own.

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