'Plastic eggs' in Aalo

The Aalo Old Bazaar Committee (AOBC) in West Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh has written to the district administration to take immediate action on sale of “artificial plastic eggs” in the area.

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The committee has “seized around 50 of plastic eggs cartons” from various shops at the old market following verbal complaints from several consumers.

It said that many such cartons of “plastic eggs” were delivered to various school, hotels, hostel etc in the past few days.

In a letter to the deputy commissioner of West Siang district, the Aalo Old Bazaar Committee said that after numerous verbal complaints from consumers and shopkeepers alike, it seized the plastic eggs. It requested the administration to look into the seriousness of the matter and take necessary action.

In several viral videos and photographs, people could be seen explaining the “plastic” nature of these suspected eggs.

No laboratory tests were conducted or made available on the batch of eggs till the filing of this report.

Addressing the media on June 15, the local administration said that prima facie the eggs looked “all right” but they have seized a tray each from the two suppliers in the district and the samples will be sent to Itanagar for further testing.

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“We are not experts, but it seems the eggs are all right. We seized a tray each from the two suppliers and these will be sent as samples to Itanagar from where further testing will be done. We appeal to the people of Aalo to not panic,” said town magistrate Maryom Karlo. The press was also addressed by the district medical officer and officer in-charge of Aalo police station.

Plastic eggs in Aalo
‘Plastic eggs’ in Aalo

According to the FSSAI website, “there is no technology or chemicals available to complete the manufacturing of whole eggs. Also, it is not economically viable process since normal eggs are available in abundance & at an affordable price.”

The website further adds that a thick eggshell membrane indicates the freshness of the eggs. When the egg is fresh, there is not enough time for evaporation to separate the 2 membranes (outer and inner layers) causing it to stick to each other. This makes it look thicker and stronger when it is peeled. Also, the inner shell membrane of the eggs may become harder & elastic when it is older than 15 days, which is a natural ageing process. Varying features of eggs are due to difference in quality of feed, breed of bird, ageing of eggs & the handling of eggs. Further, in the process of ageing, “the egg white changes its consistency, becomes thin and runny and finally egg yolk and white dissolve into each other & this mixing is aggravated by temperature abuse & not because egg is made artificially.”

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