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Meghalaya power minister Prestone Tynsong on July 29 admitted that there may be 4-5 per cent unelectrified villages in the state.

Speaking to media persons, Tynsong said that as far as electricity connectivity is concerned, the government is committed and it is the government’s top agenda to make sure that electricity reaches out to the last mile in Meghalaya.

“We need to have the power connectivity to the last mile in the state and the government is in the process to make sure that every village is electrified,” said Tynsong.

The Meghalaya power minister admitted that in due course of this process there are so many ups and downs and challenges but the government is trying its best to reach out to the last mile.

On the number of villages which are not electrified, Tynsong said that though he does not have the report but the number of unelectrified villages is very less compared to the electrified villages.

“We have quite a number of partially electrified villages but now we are going to make full electricity coverage in those partially connected villages,” he added.

“Our commitment is to make sure that we cover it fully and those villages which are yet to get connected, this is also a program our priority is to make sure that they are electrified,” he added.

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